30/04/22 | Jekaterina
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Very bad

Horrible litter ever I bought it. Falling apart for powder, my 2 black cats always covered with powdered dust from this litter like they have been swimming in flour! Not recommended at all
11/12/20 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Very promising start, ends up disappointing

This is a heavy-duty litter with large pieces and a rather unpleasant smell. The first few days I was still pleased. Not a single grain left the toilet and the clumping worked a treat, even if it stuck to the bottom at times. The cats weren't exactly digging in the litter, but they've always been a bit on the lazy side. But after a week the litter box was smelling very strongly, and despite regular cleaning it was unbearable. There are dusty paw prints all over the room. Never again...
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Turns to flour in 4 days! Never again!!

In all my 20 years of having cats this has been the worst litter I have ever had. The first two days I was very pleased, hardly any litter in the flat, odours being absorbed nicely...and well, then it started: the liter started turning into flour, there were paw prints all over the flat, and my black cat looked like he was wearing white socks! Absolutely not recommended from me. I threw it all out after 5 days and have bought a different one.
Translated from zooplus.de by zooplus
26/11/16 | Marcio
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Worst ever

I bought it imagining that it would be a generic and cheaper version of Worlds Best, but it is horrible, it doesn't clump well, it doesn't capture the urine smell, it breaks when you are cleaning and leave dirty bits behind, in fact, it is the worst from several I tried over the years. It may please however those who favour low-track over anything else, because it is the only thing it is good at.
30/05/15 | Lara
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My cat hate it....

My cat don´t want to pee on it. I don´t know if is the smell or the colour or the texture but she begun to pee out of the litter.

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