21/02/19 | Gabriella
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Quite good

Biggeg granules don't trail much, this is good. It clumps well, easy to scoop out. But my cat tends to leave the poo uncovered since I am using Benek and it is smelly.
31/08/18 | Ciarán
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Amazing value but a little dusty

For the price this is great. Doesn't tend to track as much as other brands
02/02/18 | Helen
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Good, but not perfect litter

Good Points. Clumps brilliantly - forming rock hard clumps. It isn't dusty (well not yet anyway, I'm sure it will break down and become dusty). The litter is made of small granules which barely track (I have four long haired cats). Bad Points No matter how deep I make the litter it still tends to stick to the bottom of the litter try. But, that's not too bad as it clumps so well it doesn't break up too badly when I prise it off. A worthy contestant to World's Best.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Owner liked it more than the cats did !

I quite liked this cat litter however my cats dont seem to appreciate it as much. This is a very heavy / dense cat litter and I think some of my more "digging" cats are not keen as it does take some moving about in the tray to cover over - so if you have "diggers" they may not like it as much too. That said, the fact it is a heavy litter means very little litter is tracked outside of the tray, this is the best litter I have tried that does not track all over the house in long haired paws !
14/01/18 | Rhonda
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best so far I've tried!

good price, clumps well, disposes easily down toilet, no oders, does track slightly but I use a mat to reduce this. I use this regularly! 👍
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

best solution so far but there could still be room for improvement

it is better than other brand like best cat. i was frsutrated with best cat's litter everywhere. This would still break down into dust. i still have to vaccum often. but at least the bits are big enough i could shake out the dust and put back the large bits into the litter box. it does stick to the bottom instead of like best cat it clump over the base. but i would rather sticking to the bottom than to have dust everywhere. and not able to do anything about it but replace the whole litter lot
29/05/17 | Jaya
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Best clumping litter I've tried so far

So, as a result of my mission to find the best clumping litter; I have tried three brands thus far and this is the best. It's affordable, clumps really well, contains odours and doesn't track too much. I like the added benefit of being able to flush it down the toilet as putting kitty litter in the bin makes my kitchen smell! My only small dissatisfaction is that it is dusty, but I have wooden floors so this is not too hard to clean up. I will try worlds best next so watch that space.
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Brilliant, eco friendly, great clumping cat litter but the bag size is ridiculous, blooming impossible to move on your own.
02/10/15 | Susanna Alford
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Great litter but heavy

As a breeder good litter is a priority right up there with good food and this litter is great. It clumps, hides smells, very little dust and does not go to dust over time, and does not track as bad as some litters it is also gentle on tiny feet. The one very big down side is THE BAGS ARE JUST TOO HEAVY AT 40L packs, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PACK THEM IN SMALLER WEIGHTS 30L is ideal as most breeders are aging females and we are just not built to move 40L bags of litter so on this basis alone I am unable to order any more of this litter until you address the pack weight issue. Thank you
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

very Good alternative to worlds best!

in my opinion it clumps better than worlds best I've had no problems with it sticking to the tray, it is slightly more dusty than worlds best but still a great price so will be sticking with this for now as I have 5 cats and we go through a lot of litter