24/11/18 | FM
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Have they changed the formula? Diappointed

Used to use this and it was excellent. Last bactch I bought smells really manky after a couple of days, and the house smells - and I clean my cats' litterboxes twice a day. The formula seems to stick to the bottom of the box in a thicky gloopy mess which is hard work to scrape off. Bit disappointed in all honesty and probably will be looking to change to something else.
07/11/18 | Lisa M
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Great to start with....

Have 2 cats and a ragdoll kitten so decided to upgrade the litter to cope. Liked this to begin with but unfortunately even with large mats outside the trays, the tracking was driving me mad. Cleaning the trays was a bit of a nightmare as if it touches the tray it sticks like solid glue and takes so much time to clean. We filled the trays deep to avoid this but sometimes with the cats digging it can't be helped. Even though it smells nice to begin with i felt it didn't keep as well as others.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Clumps very well but not great for smells

Used this litter before for another cat and it was quite good. This time however it still clumps well and is economical but hello bad odours! Not so much with ammonia smell but poo smells are awful. It doesn't absorb/cover the stink at all. Sadly won't be buying again.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

The good ... and the one bad ...

Having tried a few other litters, from cheap tesco stuff (short living but clumps well with little odour) to Beautycat stuff (smelly and awful tracking - zero clumping)), decided to give this stuff a try. Well, it is very fine, clumps very well indeed - cat's wee does not even reach the bottom of the litter before becoming solid. No.2's are coated very quickly and odours are virtually eliminated instantly. It will be very economical to use due to clumping so well. So, the Bad point - IT GETS EVERYWHERE! Tracking is an understatement! Clings to cat's feet and it shoots across laminate floor like mini ball bearings! I even found it in the next room to where the litter box lives! Our litter boxes have cat-flaps so it is not coming out when the cats are 'burrying' their business. Not so bad once a couple of litter mats were in place, but that was more expense. Absolutely awful for 'tracking'. If it tracked less, this would be at least a 4* if not a 5* review.
06/12/11 | Barb Sm
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Why can't I buy 1?

I tried to buy one of these but it only allowed me to state 2 or more. Why?