06/03/18 | Madcat lady
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Excellent litter.piir packaging and damaged on arrival

Just received this yesterday good points excellent litter cats took to it right away, litter expands with holds smells it's like glue getting it out of little tray but can see this lasting & working. Bad point box arrived damaged could be because both bags were in together and box had no room or packaging around items,was extremely heavy - well this is all over my hall kitchen & down stairs took me a while to get it all sucked up in the hoover as so fine. Defo recinmend packaging to stop this
05/02/18 | Mrs A Copsey
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Good stuff!

The only reason this litter didn't get the full five stars is on account of the smell. Don't get me wrong, I like the smell of baby powder, but it is just overpowering! I have four cats, 3 of which took straight to this litter (I have used only wood pellet litter for over 20 years.) Unfortunately the smell is just too strong for one of my girls, and she won't use it. Fortunately I have the leftover wood pellets to tide me over until I can get the unscented variety on my next order. :-)
24/11/17 | Margaret
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Clumps like a champ, but dusty

My new kitten had an allergic reaction to Oko Plus, so based on recommendations I switched to this litter. The clumping is fantastic and the tracking manageable -- a large rug in front of the box catches 99% of it -- but I dislike how much dust it produces (the litterbox flap is white from it after a week!) and how strong the smell is. The cats don't seem to mind the smell, but it's really quite strong to my nose. I will try the Sensitive version or perhaps another clay-based litter.
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Best litter I ever tried, but...

+ clumps perfectly around urine and po + doesn't spill much + cat's LOVE it. - This is sand and won by strip mining, so not very ecological - This litter is NOT flushable. When wet it becomes a big almost chewing gum like substance that sticks to surfaces. If your cat has an eating disorder and eats litter remove this litter immediately as it will clog up her system and can't be extracted.
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How did I not find this earlier

I have owned as for 20 year plus. I have always used wood or silicone and for some reason stayed away from clumping due to a bad experience years ago with a cheap one. Well it's all changed this litter is fabulous, my cats love it. It smells lush, not very strong it's a delicate smell, it clumps really well and is a dream to use. I just scoop out everything every day and top up on occasion. It's very simple to use just make sure it's dead enough is my only tip in order for it to clump. Saved me so much money as it lasts a long time. Will never use anything else now.
11/11/14 | Jurga
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Better than "World's best"

This litter is amazing. I used "World's best" before and thought it was good till I tried this one. It's so much better. It contains the smell better and smells nicer in general. It clumps incredibly well too. I think it's a really good product and I will definitely buy it again. I gave it 4 out of 5 for two reasons: * It's a bit dusty when you're pouring it into the littler box * If you clean the litter box right after your cat used it, the litter sticks to the scoop which is a bit annoying
24/09/14 | Joanne
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Allergy Problem

This is a really good clumping litter. It's much lighter than the premium clumping litter I was using yet still forms good hard clumps. I had one tray of my old litter out, plus a tray of this & my cats have voted with their feet & definitely prefer the Golden Grey. BUT the baby powder fragrance has really affected me causing my hayfever to rear it's head & my nose to stream without medication (I've never had this problem with any other litter). This probably won't affect many people but it's worth knowing if you've got a sensitive nose!! I've just ordered the Golden Grey Odour which is unperfumed so I'm hoping that will solve my problem, the cats didn't have one & loved it!
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Changed my views on cat litter -BUT PLEASE NOT FOR KITTENS

I normally use wood-based cat litter but decided to try this as it was on offer. At first I was suspicious as it was very fine and really heavy. However, having stuck with it for a few weeks I am now a convert. I have 8 cats and 2 litter trays so this is a godsend as I don't have to keep replacing all the litter. It clumps very well so is really easy to remove and leaves the other litter perfectly clean. I have also been able to stop using litter-tray liners, which the cats used to scratch up anyway. All the cats like it and it has stopped them wanting to use the garden as a loo, which is another benefit. It does track a little but I sweep and disinfect the area around the litter tray daily anyway. One thing I would really like to say to people though is that clumping litter SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR KITTENS! they will sniff it, play in it and possibly eat it, which COULD KILL THEM. I would give the product a '5' if there was a warning about this on the packaging.
06/09/12 | Yvonne
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No dust!

I am glad with this litter. Clumping very well, no dust at all! Bad for 'tracking', tiny pieces of litter are all over the surronding area. But it not so bad, especially if you tidy a lot like me :)
08/06/12 | Heather
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Good but not flushable

I didn't realise when I ordered this litter that it wasn't flushable and wouldn't have bought it if I had known. However, now it's here I might as well use it - it clumps well, odour control is good, and it's good value. But I won't be buying again because I want one that I can flush down the toilet, not have to bag and bin.
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Does the job!

Clumps beautifully but can't say I can notice any odour control. The only issue is that it goes EVERYWHERE compared to the paper litter we were using. Very economical though as you can only remove what you need to, the clean stuff simply falls through the scoop and back into the tray.
15/04/10 | Sarah
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Great Litter but not for long-hair breeds or sick cats

I have a maine coon and from what I've observed, as kittens they make mistakes and step in their own urine and faeces once in a blue moon, when that happens, there's immediate clumping action to her paws and tail - this takes us straight to the bathroom to get it shampooed off if not she'll attempt to lick it and there's a need to prevent swallowing. After coming out of her litter box, she always makes a few shakes to get the dust off her. When that doesn't happen, it is a great clumping litter to use, there's still dust but not as much as the cheaper brands, and I find that the silicate added does help, the size of the litter works well with the scoops. It would be nice if they added some form of deodorant in their litter as I'm currently having to mix an odour binder in. As my maine coon has diarrhoea problems, I'm currently switching to other cat litters if I don't find one that suits, will consider using back Golden Grey Master due to its affordability.
11/08/09 | Cassandra Lewis
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I wish it wasn't as fine...

This stuff would be perfect if it weren't for the fact it sticks to my ragdoll boy's very fluffy paws and I have to wash them thoroughly with shampoo in order to remove; it clumps just as well on his poor feet as it does in the tray! If I were only buying for my BSH girl I would be choosing this one again but I need to find something with larger granules to avoid the constant cat bathing. So, for short-haired cats this litter comes highly recommended (it's certainly the best I've tried so far regarding odour control) but, alas, I'm back to searching for the perfect litter... I wish I could have given it 5* Golden Grey, PLEASE make another type with bigger granules for those of us with long haired cats!
28/10/07 | Claire S
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One of the best!

I have, over the past 7 years, tried almost every cat litter going. This is without a doubt the best. It is the only litter I have found to actually neutralise odours. It clumps easily and providing your use a pan liner is very clean. On the down side, It tracks terribly so you need a litter tray mat to catch the bits, and if you dont use a pan liner it will take you forever to remove the clay from the pan. That said it is by far the best solution around.