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Quality has changed.

Unfortunately I have to agree with the negative reviews regarding this litter. Since it came back into stock after a long wait the quality is not the same as before. It is so sticky and sometimes impossible to remove from the scoop. Its also trailing along the floor much more than previously. Pity as it was the best.
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Loosing quality

I have bought this litter twice and each time I bought 2 bags. First time was excellent and it didn’t get dust , but now, the last 2 bags is horrible. Dust everytime that I change the litter or add a bit more. Even when I clean the litter box, the bathroom is so dusty, and it sticks in my nose and mouth. It could be that they have changed a component or something, but... not good at all.!
15/01/19 | Charlotte Young
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Last bag sooooo dusty

Switched to this brand a few bags ago, purely because the old litter we used was SO heavy to move. As this has some silica pieces it reduces the weight and clumps/absorbs the same as other fine litter. But OMG the dust in the last bag was ridiculous, you could see in the sunlight it was going everywhere - inhalation risk for all, wont be using again
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Smell is awful!!

Oh dear! This is a good cat litter as far as clumping is concerned, but the lavender smell is horrific - very chemical and nothing like lavender! It makes my whole house smell of artificial scent - OK, better than the smell of cat urine but still not what I want! Previously I'd used Tigerino crystals and the scent was very subtle and not at all overpowering, but this is just too much. It gives me a headache and a sore throat if I remain too close to the litter trays for any length of time :(