05/12/20 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Best cat litter!!

I don't really get the negative reviews. When it comes to locking in odours this is the best cat litter I've ever had and I've tried many... Clumps up well, very frugal, and a definite recommendation from me!
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03/11/20 | Alina
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Best sand!!!

Love the smell and quality
31/12/18 | Rita
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Best litter!!!

Best litter ever!! I have 2 cats and I tried several brands of litter and this one us the best!!!!
02/01/18 | Bekki Olliver
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Please improve packaging

I have 5 cats and this is truly the best litter I have ever used. You need to put quite a lot in and achieve a good depth but It clumps really well. Smells fantastic and lasts a few weeks before having to have a total change. My only problem is every time I order it the outer packaging is damaged and consequently the litter bag is too. This causes the litter to leak everywhere and loose a lot in transit. I have refused several deliveries due to half empty bags. Please improve your packaging
18/11/17 | Heidi
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Best Cat Litter EVER!

Tried this cat litter for my really messy elderly cat. It soaks up really well and lasts for a really long time -Well worth the money.
25/09/17 | Heidi
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I was a little dubious about buying this cat litter as I usually use a supermarket brand. However, it clumps reallly well and I didn't have to do a total refresh for a few weeks!
22/06/17 | Jenna
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I bought this cat litter whilst it was on offer, & I have to say it's the best cats litter I have ever used. Me & my partner have never once smelt cat urine. I just smell lavender, & that's not too over powering either. I would definitely recommend.
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Smells Be Gone!

This litter quickly absorbs liquids and smells. Cleaning the litter tray is a lot easier. I switched from clay-based litter and this does track more but it doesn't cement itself to my cats feet or their tray. I also save a lot of money as one bag will last at least a month. So long as this remains reasonably priced I can't see myself switching to another brand. My only issue is with delivery. I keep receiving litter with broken packaging so the contents spill everywhere. Please sort this out
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best litter I've tried so far

No smell from this at all. Great clumping and little trailing in comparison to others I've triedThe lavender scent is a bit strong at first but my cats didn't mind it at all. I recommended this to a friend and she's over the moon with it too!
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This is by far the best cat litter I've bought, the smell is wonderful! Normally I can smell the litter tray from another room, u really can't with this one. The clumping is great! Leaves the clean litter behind. This litter also doesn't get stuck in the paws as its finer than the chunky litter. Will definitely be buying more!
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I think, that like many others I've tried most if not all cat litters out there, and this is the best of all. Minimal tracking, no perfume till you move it around to get the lovely solid clumps out, and no pee/poo smell at all. Unfortunately I ordered the "Master" Golden grey last time and it's not half as good as Golden White, can still smell ammonia with it.
07/11/15 | Jan
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The best

Golden White is simply the best. I have been using it for some time now. People say its to much money but I do not agree they use the cheaper variety and do not get the same quality and suffer with odours and if they worked it out offer the month they spend more. Do not discontinue it.
02/11/15 | Karen Cowie
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I had settled on Golden Grey until now which fitted the bill in every way apart from the overpowering scent, so Golden White has been a real find. The lavender scent is mild and pleasant and the litter does not track past the litter mat and is not dusty. One bag lasts a long time even with 2 adult cats. I can't imagine using anything else now I've found this.
15/09/15 | Melissa Watkins
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Saved my life.

I have 1 adult cat and recently purchased 3 kittens. I was having major issues with 1 of my kittens choosing to go to the toilet anywhere but the litter tray. turned out no matter how much I cleared the non clumping litter out (scooping multiple times a day and changing entire boxes 3 times a week), I could not get rid of the urine smell. so they kittens didn't like going in there! I read many reviews and came across this litter. I thought it was a bit pricey but needed to try it. well it has literally been amazing. 1 bag filled 3 litter trays and I have not had to change the litter once (been using the stuff for over a month). I scoop it out every morning and night and it doesn't smell in the slightest. It clumps so well and I really cannot fault it. I got 2 bags and use the other to occasionally top up the litter when it gets low. ive not had any accidents by the kittens since I have used this litter. worth every penny and actually saving in the long run!
03/08/15 | Charlotte
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Marvellous cat litter!

This is by far the best litter I have ever used. It really does clump up all the bad stuff, leaving you with fresh litter which lasts for ages. My cat is very fussy, preferring to soil the furniture rather than use a smelly tray. This litter has eradicated his bad behaviour.
04/05/15 | alex
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Good !

Good litter, no odor and easy to clean. A bit sticky to the paws on Maine coons overall v good.
18/12/14 | Sam
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Tracks less than Professional Classic

All my cat love this litter, the lavender scent only kicks in when the litter is disturbed which is really helpful when its time to clean out. I've switched to this from professional classic and it tracks far less and it is less dusty.
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I love this cat litter

I was using a flushable cat litter but the clumping and odour control was nowhere near as good as golden grey so I went back to it. I'm so glad golden white is now available on zooplus I used golden master before but after a while found the baby powder scent a bit overpowering I wanted a scented litter but didn't want to try any other brands so I decided to give golden white a try. The scent is not what I'd call lavender to me it smells like sweets lol but it is very pleasant and the scent is a lot milder than golden grey master. I will definitely continue to use this ( :
05/03/14 | john wilson
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simply the best

this is one of many different brands we have tried over the years. i can honestly say that it is quite simply the very best out - there. it does exactly what it claims, and the previous review is spot on!! we wont use anything else for our british short hairs, who if they could talk, would agree.
17/01/14 | Jane
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Chinchilla persian breeder

I have used many cat litters and always come back to this.It leaves no odour when my cats have used the tray. It dose not stick to the fur of my long cats it's Brilliant. I would recommend this.