08/11/20 | Mary
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Best mat on the market

I've tried several litter mats, was also a cat sitter for 3 years and observed how efficient different mats were when visiting clients in their homes. This one catches 95-99% of the litter. I use the biodegradable clumping litter. Imo, these mats also suit clumping and non clumping clay litter, and crystal litter. One con - no instructions included. It must be placed with the 'pointy side" down. The "up" side has hollows and soft bristles that dislodge litter from kitty paws to be caught by mat
16/01/19 | Maria Green
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Worth every penny!

I bought two of these, one for each litter tray. I use silica litter which normally goes everywhere! There is still some litter that gets away but the holes keep most of it at bay. Very easy to clean too! My tip about working out which way up to place it...There are holes that should face upwards and soft spikes that are on the surface which wipe paws. If you run your hand over it and it feels pointy and hard, you have it the wrong way up! Just waiting for more stock now so I can buy spares.
11/12/18 | jill little
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Excellent Value

I bought two of these mats after reading the reviews as I am always searching for a solution to my cats trailing litter all over the house. In the past I have tried several different kinds of mats, all much ,much more expensive .I am absolutely delighted with these mats. They are cheap, if no good, you haven't wasted much money BUT I think you will find that they are worth their weight in gold. I bought these in conjunction with a hooded litter box and now I have no litter at all on my floors.
17/07/18 | Marisa Vicente
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Does the job

Does the job, good size.
20/05/18 | DD
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Anyone with litter trays need these mats, I really really did not think these would work but they are AMAZING Im so supprised.
17/04/18 | Jane Powner
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these mats are brilliant and catch all the litter as the cats come out of the tray.. good purchase
04/03/18 | Andrew Thomas
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very good and does what it is supposed to....

....... stop the litter tracking all over the house. If you have more than three cats I would recommend two mats. Shame they do not make the mat in larger sizes.
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I use this with Greenwoods veg type litter which tracks everywhere! But not with this mat. It is large and traps lots of pesky litter. I have tried lots of mats and this is by far the largest best one I have used. Rinsed off easily too.
01/01/18 | andrea abbott
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I have purchased many a litter mat and been disappointed and still had litter across the floor, however, this one really works. I placed it sideways just in front of the litter box been there since I got it and no litter anywhere else in the house simply to roll up and shake out in the bin or vacuum I am really impressed and with 10 cats litter tracking was a nightmare but not anymore