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Lovely quality. But.

I bought this litter box for one of my cats who is a vertical peer. The quality of the materials is really exceptional. It looks nice and it has sorted out the vertical peeing problem. However, there is plenty of lose litter and litter dust around the box and the hollowed-out handle of the litter scoop almost feels like a manufacturing error - when you sift through the litter, some of it collects in the handle and then ends up on the floor as you empty the contents of the scoop into a bag.
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great product but too expensive!

Like many other customers, I was really reluctant to spend over 100 quid on a cat loo - but this is such a great product that it's almost worth it! I still think the price tag is way too high, but the ModKat is very well designed and it really does work as described. My two cats are both pretty fussy about their loo, and their first reaction to the ModKat was to scowl and walk away. Big tabby cracked first - she hates doing her business outside, so she sidled up to the ModKat, gave it a thorough sniff, and got in. Little black cat took about a week to warm to it - she used one of my flowerbeds in the interim - but now both cats have completely accepted the ModKat, and very glad I am. It's a much more elegant solution than any other litter box. I'm moving into a new property that doesn't have a utility room and I wasn't looking forward to having an ugly plastic cat loo on show. The ModKat is not small, but it's as elegant as a cat toilet can possibly be, and the screen keeps about 90% of the litter from clinging to their paws and winding up on the floor. At most there are a few crumbs to sweep up after the cats finish up and exit. I'd been used to putting a very small amount of litter in the old litter try, and dumping it regularly, but you really do need to put a good 2" depth of litter in the ModKat. The liner is seamed, and if the litter gets too shallow, it is possible for some liquid to seep through the liner into the box itself. This isn't a huge issue, as the ModKat is very easy to clean, and surprisingly, it doesn't actually mean that you use loads more litter - the fact that the liner is flexible means that clumps of used litter come away intact without contaminating the clean litter. I remove solids and soiled clumps once a day, then replace all the litter and clean the box about once every week to ten days and have had no problems with odour at all. My only worry is that my cats, who love to dig in their litter box, will rip the liner, but so far that hasn't happened. All in all I'm delighted with the ModKat - it gets five stars for performance, but I'm only giving it four stars as I really do think they could bring the price down :)
23/06/14 | Sebastian
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Don’t regret buying but very expensive

I was quarrelling a lot with myself to buy this ridiculously expensive toilet but now that I've done it I have to say I don't regret it. - My Russian Blue kitten loves it, had to try it "litter"ally immediately after I set it up. My other cat was a bit suspicious at first but late in the evening I heard him sneaking in there as well. - It's extremely good looking, the main reason for me to buy it in the first place, but: - Best of all, no spray litter anymore! The grid works quite well. And even though they sometimes jump directly to the floor out of the box in a funny parabolic jump, nearly no litter is flying around anymore. If you put the box in a corner with the hole facing the corner, the parabolic action is not possible anymore so they have to jump on the grid. I was a bit concerned the cats wouldn't cover their poo properly in that box but they manage just fine. It's big enough for both of them, even my big shorthair tomcat, to maneuver sufficiently. Can't understand the price though. I'd bet a lot more people would buy it if it was around 85€ - 100€ which would still be expensive but at least much more reasonable. Only four stars, and that's only because of the price. The product itself is amazing. Altogether very happy with it.
04/03/14 | Emma
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Best litter box for looks and use!

With 5 house-cats (with the added access to the garden which has cat-proof fencing so they cannot get out & come to harm). We have 3 hooded litter-boxes in the garden. However, one of our little babies is very attached to us & does not like being around the others over night. She likes to sleep with us, or on the landing with our bedroom door left a jar so she come in & go out as she pleases. However, with no litter-box for her to relieve herself over night, there has been one of two..or three, accidents before now. Even though she is generally very good - we put her out in the garden to go for a last toilet-stop before she comes up with us - at times,as you know, nature calls at odd times! So, I decided to bite-the-bullet and buy her a litter-box to put in the bathroom for her to use over night. Every litter-box is designed to look so ugly and so when I saw the 'Modkat' I was wowed! My first thoughts were "That looks really cool for a cat-toilet", my second was....."How much?"... I began reading every review on-line I could find, until I was convinced that this was a worthwhile purchase & a justifiable one. So, I ordered it from 'Zooplus' at £114, & it arrived yesterday (3 days in all & that was over the weekend, and coming from Germany - I think!). I set it up in seconds, placed it in the bathroom & poured about 2 litres of Catsan in it. I left it and waited. On a visit to the bathroom last night I stopped and sniffed ,& as I walked in I thought...."Humm.......".......Martha was sat there looking very pleased with herself and the evidence was in the box! :) She used it first time, no quibbles and I was able to deposit her 'deposit' straight down our toilet....how easy is that!! I love how it fits in with modern decor and doesn't look like a cat litter-box, but you obviously soon work out it is ;) It is actually a talking point, as I heard one of our guests use the loo and say ..."Wow", as he walked in. This is seriously i-products for cats! ^~^ The only real downside for me is the blue liner, why blue??? They have designed something very classy & minimalistic & then tarnish it by putting a blue liner in, which looks like a fish pond-liner! Now, is this worth the money? The construction of the 'Modkat' is of high quality & looks very cool- this is an i-product for cats :D The height & width (although could be slightly wider to give kitty a more comfortable manoeuvre experience) is ample enough & it's size enables it to fit neatly into a confined space. The top entry is big enough for kitty to ease in & out comfortably. The holes in the top are very good for trapping any litter left on kitty's feet & it drops back in, or you can brush it back in using the brush on the side of the scoop. So yes, no tracking of litter! It is so easy to clean. The reusable liner is strong & durable & easy to lift in & out for cleaning.
13/09/12 | Josefine
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3rd review..

So, I have two previous reviews about this box, as I love it, but was disappointed with the lid design as the button you press snapped off both my boxes. I got two new lids as replacements and the button design is now altered so if it snaps off again they don't have to send you an whole new lid, just the button itself as it detaches now. Maybe the new lid design is standard for these boxes now. I would hope they last longer than the old design did... Still wouldn't use any other litter box. Happy to have working lids.