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Does exactly what I wanted it for.

This cat litter tray has saved me lots of time cleaning up after my little girl. She starts her wee sitting at the back of the tray and slowly stands up - peeing over the edge! In desperation I looked for a high sided tray and this one is perfect - no more wee outside the tray. It also stops litter being kicked out the back. I recommend this litter tray.
20/06/18 | MrsMalcolm
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I’m about to buy these litter trays for the 3rd time, they are a great size and price.
23/01/18 | Heather Lukins
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Good price, tall back, substantial plastic, narrow pan, very pleased

Narrow litter tray but excellent height at back for tall boy cats! My large siamese boy likes to pee on tippy toe and doesn't always crouch down so this catches the pee rather than it going up the wall!. It has been a Godsend and the girls will use these trays by preference as well. Very pleased. I don't bother with attaching the white plastic but if you have a scratcher it would catch the litter rather than being kicked out of the pan. Also a very good price. Easy to clean. Substantial plastic.
02/12/15 | nta16
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Good size and style for digger cats

Its large size and style make it very good for a digger cat like ours. It will require a bit more litter to fill and maintain because of its size but it is worth it - very good but do note its size (dimensions).
15/09/15 | Lesley Campbell
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Excellent litter tray

Being fed up sweeping up the litter from behind the toilet twice a day - my cat is a very energetic digger - i decided to give this high sided tray a try. What a difference, cat still scratches away merrily but the litter stays in the tray and all i have to sweep up is the little bits that track from her paws. At this price I cant recommend it highly enough. Brilliant.
03/05/15 | Alyson Saggers
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Savic Aseo cat litter tray with high edge

This is a brillant litter tray. I have a x mainecombe and he is growing so fast. This tray is perfect for him. He loves it and there is no mess. thankyou
12/11/14 | Amanda Smith
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Good for rabbits

I bought one of these for my two rabbits. The high back works well, They sit and eat hay from a rack which hangs over the tray. Filled with carefresh so there's no mess or odour. The green one iooks good too.
27/10/14 | Flo
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My cat loves this tray, she used to make a mess with the litter but with this being deeper it keeps more in.
29/05/14 | Kelly
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Good size

Great litter tray.when I saw this I thought it would be perfect as my cat loves to make a mess with the litter were this is deeper then most litter trays it keep it all inside the tray. My cat loves it.
30/04/13 | dawn
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5 out of 6 cats prefer this

i recently purchased one of these litter trays and also bought a boxed litter tray with a filter and flap only one cat used the boxed tray while the other 5 prefer this one . its a lovely lime shade. it has stopped 99 per cent of the litter spilling out and makes my life easier. i now have two of these and im buying a third for my friends cat
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Excellent design

This design does seem to help with the problem of litter being kicked out of the tray. But if your cat is determined they will still manage to make at least some mess. NB. The Savic ASEO litter tray is exactly the same size/shape as the base on the Savic Nestor (covered litter tray with filter) - you just need to remove the rim on the ASEO and the Nestor lid fits perfectly.