10/14/17 | Sally

😼😼😼😼 4 unsure cats

None of my 4 cats will touch these they love to watch me bounce them around and will chase them to the point of showing me where it stopped. Great exercise for me not so much for my cats 😹


A hit with one of three cats but a bit dangerous

One of my three cats LOVES these balls and can play for an hour just carrying one around in her mouth, letting it bounce around, and chasing it. However, they fall to bits far too easily. I recommend supervised play only with these, as the nubs come off and can be swallowed by strange cats who like eating rubbery things... like mine!!

07/30/11 | www.carameldreams.co.uk

fun for a while

fur for about 5 mins then thats it, more fun for humans seeing where they can throw them and where they end up!


not favourites but a good toy!

these toys work much better on tiles, wooden floors or other hard surfaces compared to carpet. when on carpet they tend to just roll a few inches, but on harder services they do bounce & move unpredictably.