08/25/21 | O. Hiekka

Favourite toy

It’s my cat’s favourite toy! Jumps high and fast! Great for the real hunters! Ordered second time as all previous fit list somewhere 🤷🏼‍♀️

07/15/19 | Lull

One of the 2 cats loves it.

British shorthair loves to play and bite them, Selkirk rex is just scared and confused by their bounciness and a bit unpredictable rolling pattern.

04/25/18 | Heather Wood

Excellent for promoting activity

I’ve 2 cats- one of them has endless fun chasing these. Because they’re unpredictable she goes into hunt mode - great for exercise/enrichment

04/10/18 | Susan Sheehan

brilliant fun

If you have a cat that needs energy burnt off due to being stuck inside because of bad weather these are great,they bounce in different ways and the cat can pick them up by the little noddles on them. Before you know it you're playing fetch with your cat! One problem like with all balls they get lost under furniture etc.

07/18/17 | Lou wood

Great little balls

Fed up of your cats rolling balls under settee then get these as the won't roll away in hard to reach places. Great value for money

10/13/15 | Allie

Cat goes wild for these

I have 1 year old ginger DSH who goes absolutely wild for these. He loves when they bounce as he tries to catch them in mid-air. Because of the nubs you can never tell which direction they will go! He does like to carry them in his mouth but I've never seen him try to chew them up so far at least, but I always put them away when I'm not there to supervise just in case.

05/23/15 | Az

Hours of fun

One of my kittens loves these balls. He has been playing with them for months now and hasnt got bored. He will bring one over to me to throw so he can play fetch and loves carrying them about in his mouth. My other kitten isnt as keen he will chase after it if thrown but not that fussed


One cat loves them, one cat hates them.

As with most toys, this one is very dependant on your pet. My cat absolutely loves these. My younger cat has no interest whatsoever. But if your cat likes them, they will love them.

05/18/13 | Elaine73

My cats Love 'em

I have 6 cats of varying ages and only one won't play with these balls....but then she doesn't play with anything; she's 19 soon. The other 5 cats range from age 3 to 15 and all chase these balls around the garden, up and down the stairs..PJ, my youngest and only boy has the most energy and really goes for it. I'd recommend these balls but not all cats are the same and some are lazy and like to lie down with mum doing all the work danging a felt tail thingy in front of their paws!

04/26/13 | Malin

highly recommend this toy.

I got this product for my cat and he loves it and for hours we play fetch.i have bought so many toys and they have been good but my cat will get bored of them quickly but not with this one .When i get home he will scream an till i get the ball out to play and we will play for hours.highly recommend this toy.

04/08/12 | Kerry

Second Order!!!!

My cats love these, they spend hours playing catch and fetch with them, quite handy when you have a cat that thinks he's a dog!!!

12/01/11 | Abi

Immediate favourite

These just arrived and my cat has spent longer playing with it by himself than he has played with anything else. They're smaller than I expected but that turns out to be a good thing. He can make it move fast on his own and pick it up and take it elsewhere. The erratic movement makes it fun for ages! It's very funny just watching him play with it.

11/01/11 | Loubit


Got my first pack a few weeks ago and have just ordered in bulk so we can have more at the ready for play-time (as they tend to bounce into hidden places and can potentially spend quite a while on hands and knees trying to find them!) Nevertheless, they're absolutely worth it as so much fun and my cat will keep chasing them as long as I keep going with the throwing! :-)



That's the only toy my cat never stops to play! I was trying different toys - lost money :) I am buying those balls again and again as my bengal just love it (and they are somewhere lost - dont know where...)! He is fetching them better then some dogs. He is coming everyday to me sometimes few times a day bringing the ball and trying to say to me that he wants me to throw it!!!

10/01/10 | Ruth

bouncing madness!

These little balls are great if you have wooden floors as they travel better. It took my kitten a few weeks to get into them, but once she did, she loves them!! The nubs are small enough that she can carry them in her mouth and the fact that they cause them to change direction so erratically, gives her no end of amusement!

04/21/09 | Dionne


our bengal cat cant get enough of these he will entertain himself with these all day!!! also funny for us watching him try to get it when its flying all about the place GREAT product and def would recommend it to any1 whos cat doesnt get enough exercise bcoz it keeps them on their toes!!!


My Cat's favourite!

These little balls of happiness bring so my joy and fun to our household. My kitten will play with these for hours running up and down chasing them when I throw them and carrying them around in his mouth. He gets more enjoyment out of these than any other toy I've bought. Definitely recommend these!!

10/07/08 | Kim

Cats learn science!

These arrived this morning for our kitties who love bouncy balls and anything to chase, and while he hasn't quite worked out how hard he needs to baff it to get going, I can tell that this is going to be a winner for our fat cat, while our little cat is going to love carrying it around in her mouth because the wee nubs are small enough for her to latch on to. Tip top!

05/31/07 | Nukshi Ashmore


One of the best toy I bought for my cat. He loves these balls. The fact it bounce around when he flicks them is great. Also great for self massage. Just roll on your palm, finger, backside where it ache great for pain relief