02/09/22 | Aggie
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Cats love it, but…

My Maine Coons love this toy, but the wire on the butterfly gets flattened by them in minutes, which leaves the butterfly dragging on the floor. Perhaps if it had the same type of coil it has at the butterfly end at the base, it would last longer… great toy otherwise, but the wire that gets flatten by the cats in no time takes away from it…
23/05/18 | Anne
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Cats would give it 5 stars

Great fun but my kitten flattens the wire supporting the butterfly in minutes leaving it dragging on the floor. I tried to support the wire by wrapping a straw around it but it only helps a little.
29/01/18 | Sarah B
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Great but timer function no longer included on toy

My cats love this. They are on their second one and it's good you can get spare butterflies now. They sit tapping it until you turn it on! The original one turned off after 3 minutes but it looks like they have changed the toy as I have now tried 3 others and the timer function doesn't work an any of them, which makes me think they design has changed and there isn't a timer function anymore. Shame as it was a useful feature but doesn't stop my cats loving it.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Not for fussy cats...

I wanted to get something that my cat can play with by himself and I don't need to do much as he is 6 months old and he wants a lot attention and play all the time. This looked interesting with many positive reviews. However when I switch it on he watches the butterfly for a minute and then he walks away... If the butterfly is switched off he is not interested in at all so this one goes into cupboard with his other stuff that he doesn't like!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Great fun

My youngest loves this, if you could get butterflies separatly I'd give it 5 stars
28/04/17 | jo cooper
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scared cats

I have only just got this toy 2day for my 3 cats all 3 of them run from it never seen them move so fast bless them yes its something new i do think this toy should have settings on it has it spins around to fast the toy is in the middle of my frontroom no cats in sight
08/04/17 | hannah
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I mean she loved it when we first got it but quickly became bored of it. I've tried again after leaving it a few months and she's completely unfazed by it. I'm going to keep it in the hope she'll one day become interested. This product drains battery's like mad! I've had to replace (duracel) battery after one use! Once the product slowed down only after 5 mins.. with brand new batterys mind.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Great product but not built to last

My cat absolutely loved this toy, would spend forever chasing and pouncing however the butterflies would snap off after a short while and replacements cannot be purchased. So once your cat gets through all 4 butterflies supplied, a whole new toy would have to be purchased. If it wasn't for this I would rate it 5 stars because the idea is great and my cat did really enjoy it.
19/12/16 | Mel
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Great, but...

All my cats love this and it is a real shame you can't buy extra butterflies separately otherwise this would be a 5 star product. It gets well and truly battered and stands up to it well, but I feel you missed a trick - you should have called it a 'Batterfly'
09/12/16 | Anna
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Fantastic toy...but...

As it has been said- fantastic toy but I'm totally surprised there is no option for extra butterflies! I have kittens so on daily basis butterflies would last for a week of time maximum! And that toy becomes useless after that.. Please zooplus think about adding spare butterflies to your offer! Buying this kind of toy new every month is ridiculous..
09/07/16 | Jan Harte
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Good Toy, But Not Great

This toy should have been a great toy but in fact is average. The fluttering butterfly is a great idea, just needed some more thought going into it. It only has 1 fast speed, it needs to be able to flutter back and forward, slow and fast. Also instead of 1 butterfly fluttering, it would have been more fun to have 2. My cats showed a little interest when I switched it on, but no attempt to catch the butterfly as the speed was continually too fast, instead of alternating between slow and fast.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Cats love this toy ... BUT ..................

........ Zooplus don't offer the facility of being able to purchase spare butterflies, had they have done I would have given this toy a 5* rating as my cats love it, but the butterflies don't last long in this house with my 3 large cats. Also it would be useful if batteries were included.