My cat loves it

My cat loves it. She knows where I keep it and gets herself ready to run after the elusive red dot when I reach for it. The batteries last a good bit as well for that kind of toy. Great value for money.

05/22/20 | Richard

What a relief!

My kitty tears around the living-room while I sit in the comfort of my armchair barely having to move. He becomes entirely focused on the red dot and it really engages his hunt-catch-kill response. 15 mins later he's collapsed in front of the fireplace, exhausted. I'll be getting more of these, need one in every room.

04/18/20 | Jass


Good item


good for the price

The laser is a nice price, but I would say that it would be better if the button was a different shape as it can be uncomfortable to press down for a long time. Also, the button sometimes gets a bit jammed, that could do with improving!

12/13/18 | sophie Ride

So much fun!

This is so popular with my outdoor cat, she even knows the sound of the little key ring part when I pick it up. She cant wait to get running after it!

09/26/18 | Alison Wilkinson

Awesome VFM

Just awesome. The cat loves it, the 3 year old child loves it. Who doesn't love it? It's seriously good value for money, it's a decent size, not flimsy (unlike others bought and broken within seconds) and the batteries last. Hurrah. LOVE LOVE LOVE

09/02/18 | Cat

Great laser

One year old loves it, six year old acts like he doesn't see it, it's weird. But the laser is very nice and works really well.

03/17/18 | Pauline


Having used 2 stick type pointers before, (& couldn't get replacement batteries for 1 of them), I thought I'd try this mouse pointer. The button is much better than other styles since it doesn't "press in" to your finger when continually using. This mouse's batteries are still going, months on, & I have used it a lot because my little cat goes crazy as soon as she hears the sound of the "keychain", let alone see the laser dot. It has also proved invaluable when she doesn't want to come in!

10/18/17 | Simba'sMum

It's a paws up

It's definitely my favourite toy that I've bought him. I love sending him here there and everywhere trying to catch that little light.


Be lazy and run down your kitten/cats energy

I can now sit on the sofa and rest whilst still playing with my kitten. She loves it! And I don't have to barely move a muscle. Everyone is happy. Works really well if you turn the lights down low as the lazer beam is then really strong. Pretty good quality for the ridiculously low price charged.

02/05/17 | Andrea Parkes

Best Buy ever!

Jenson is a very active Devon Rex house cat. Despite having lots of things to amuse him, he loves nothing more than interaction with us humans. So much so that he wears us out! Then I saw this and cardiovascular workouts with Jenson are a thing of the past. We can sit in the comfort of our armchairs and watch him running after the red dot for hours on end; it's exhausting watching him! This is the best, economically priced toy I could ever have purchased so thank you Zooplus, it's brill!


Great value and fun

Having spent a fortune on new toys, posts, balls, you name it, my young cat is only interested in chocolate wrappers and this toy. Hours of use in the last two weeks and she never seems to tire of it. Such a small price for a happy pet.

06/11/16 | JulesinScotland

Highly addictive!

Had this for quite a long time, and this has held the interest of my cat like no other toy! She is completely addicted to it and will actually "ask" for this. Unbelievable! Completely wrecked my carpet though as she will chase the laser round and round the coffee table with the claws out... On another note, haven't had to change the batteries yet either, seems to be good for a long time unlike other laser pointers I've had in the past.

01/20/16 | Lubna Saied

Laser Pointer

Toy is very cute, but the light keeps going off, still a new toy and not used that much, the batteries still should be in a good condition. Thank fully I have an old mouse laser pointer, despite having it for many years it has been well used, tend to use this more often when I want the cats to run up and down the stairs.

12/05/15 | Jac

Ok laser

My cats do chase it but it is a very small laser beam, I have had a torch variety which I think is better.

11/08/15 | Mogsworth

Cat not impressed but good product

I like this laser mouse, my cat doesn't. He is a ball of wool, dressing gown belt, shoelaces kitty and there is no persuading him to use any purpose made cat toys. He looks at it as if to say "i'd rather go back to sleep now"


Here lives a very tired cat indeed!

My cat absolutely loves this - so much so that just the sound of the mouse's keychain jangling gets him rushing up to me from anywhere in the house. He's an outdoor cat and very energetic, so this is ideal for burning off excess energy when the weather's bad - he'll thunder about chasing the infamous red dot for ages. The mouse itself seems to be good quality, and the laser is bright. The rounded on/off button isn't the most comfortable, and has to be held down to work, but I've no problem with this type of switching as it means it won't be left on accidentally. It's a shame that the mouse has to use three LR44 coin cells (not a fan of these), but they're doubtless needed to give the necessary power, and at least a set is supplied with the mouse.

01/20/15 | Aimi

My kitten loves it

Sturdy product, my kitten loves it

01/09/15 | Helen

Quirky mouse design and brilliant quality!

I am really delighted with this item, I had previously purchased a smaller laser pointed on a different website and was very unhappy with the quality so wanted to upgrade. My kitty loves laser pens and similar 'catch the light' interactive toys. The item is a nice size and doesnt look or feel like a cheap production, the mouse shape is very quirky. The over all post and packing was of a great standard. Helpful tip. With these type of interactive hunt games don't forget to reward you kitty with his 'prey' a high protine treat would be perfect.



Our cats love this, and we enjoy watching them chase the light across the floor, and up their cat tree. The only snag we find is that whenever we pick up the television remote control, we have two cats sitting waiting expectantly!