good for the price

The laser is a nice price, but I would say that it would be better if the button was a different shape as it can be uncomfortable to press down for a long time. Also, the button sometimes gets a bit jammed, that could do with improving!

01/20/16 | Lubna Saied

Laser Pointer

Toy is very cute, but the light keeps going off, still a new toy and not used that much, the batteries still should be in a good condition. Thank fully I have an old mouse laser pointer, despite having it for many years it has been well used, tend to use this more often when I want the cats to run up and down the stairs.

12/05/15 | Jac

Ok laser

My cats do chase it but it is a very small laser beam, I have had a torch variety which I think is better.

11/08/15 | Mogsworth

Cat not impressed but good product

I like this laser mouse, my cat doesn't. He is a ball of wool, dressing gown belt, shoelaces kitty and there is no persuading him to use any purpose made cat toys. He looks at it as if to say "i'd rather go back to sleep now"