Cats liked it

Cats tried to get this out of the packet as soon as it arrived. Scent is very strong, not sure how long the cushions will last. Not quite the "relaxing" effect I was looking for, but the cats are going crazy for it so I'm happy :)

12/23/17 | lin

Aumüller Baldini Valerian Pillow

MY cats love these little pillows however the ones I received today was very strong smelling and they never bothered with them. Hopefully just a one off

08/30/17 | Rachel

My cat isn't interested

The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is simply because my cat isn't interested in it at all. He sniffed it but it seems to do nothing for him. There is a very strong valerian smell to the pillows which are beautifully made and very attractive!

11/21/15 | nta16

Obviously good for others but not our cat

Out of the bag our cat was immediately on it, biting and playing, but after this first time, as with catnip, he showed no interest or reaction. The pillows are a good size for play - 10.5cm x 7cm x 1.5cm. Obviously good for others but not our cat.


It's like Marmite - love it or hate it!

I bought these for my 2 cats after they showed no interest in catnip toys but went crazy for my valerian containing tea bags! One of my cats, a Ragdoll kitten, showed no interest in it at all. I was disappointed until my other cat, a Tonk, went absolutely crazy for these! She threw it around and played and eventually fell asleep cuddling it like a teddy bear. After a month it stank horribly so i will be buying more as a treat for my Tonk.

11/26/14 | blightyme

Not stinky enough!

Never thought I'd say that about Valerian, ever! But the smell wasn't too strong and probably will not last and keep the cat's attention. I buy fresh Valerian root so will put a little of that in it from time to time. Good value tho!

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