I had the skunk, which was a hit with my cat, and when I got kittens to foster, I got the cushions, not even realizing they were the perfect size for them. Absolutely amazing for teaching them not to attack my hands... just swap out your hand for a cushion to kick and bite at.


Crazy for it

My cat absolutely loved these pillows. Isn’t very playful but became a different cat when I gave him this. Definitely buying more!

02/03/19 | Christina procter

Pure enjoyment

Our cat loves it, his eyes light up when he's sees his pillow and plays for hours

12/05/18 | Linda Blythe

My cat.

He couldn't wait for me to take them out of the bag. He absolutely loves them. I will be ordering more.

11/30/18 | Veronica Powell

For cats that aren't fussed about catnip

I bought these because my Bengal cat really isn't that bothered about cat nip in fact he ignores it. He goes berserk with these and within seconds of having them they are soaking wet with dribble. Even our other cat loves them too although not in the same room as the Bengal they end up falling out over them.

10/13/18 | Deanna

My kittens love this

My 4 month old kittens love this. They maul it and it is a perfect size to kick about

08/20/18 | Rogue Sunshine

They couldn't wait for the bag to be opened!

Both my cats love these little parcels of joy. They play with them over having treats!



Cat loves them one of the first things she ever loves went for. Shame you can’t pick the colours


How to stone your cat...with legal herbs :-)

My both cats loved it! Smell is intense! I usually give them toys for half an hour or less each day. They both get crazy! Lick the bags, chase them, play with them...totally stoned after play :-) Smell lasts for around 2 months in my case.

04/03/18 | Thea

A hit (literally!)

My 4 cats love these, came and stole them from the box before I could finish unpacking them. Now, months later, they still play with them, lick, rub, nestle up against and sleep with them. My Norwegian girl loves to bat them when thrown, good exercise for her and fun to watch. Good value toys!

03/11/18 | Livi

Cats love these!

Our cats go absolutely crazy over these pillows. They have a pretty strong smell so I recommend keeping them in the bag when they're not in use. I find that popping them on the radiator to warm up helps reinvirgorate the valerian scent - and the cats love them all over again!


Kitty goes ape for these pillows

My cat, Kitty, LOVES these pillows. As soon as I took them out of the plastic and smelled how badly they smelled of dirty socks I just KNEW she would love them! As soon as I showed them to her she was wired! Eyes dilated, dribbling and slobbering everywhere and beating me up trying to get them out of my hands!! She would press her whole face into them, rub them on her face, do her little bunny kicks, and also lick and bite them. I only let her have one and hid the other until she found it. 10/10


Pillowy goodness

two small cushions played with and loved by our male Snowshoe. Female less interested but he adores them.

10/18/17 | Maureen


These are brilliant. All the cats love them including the cats that is in the bag, they lie on that & cuddle & salvia all over the pillows. Well worth it for the peace & tranquillity that comes with these.

03/29/17 | Terri Smith

I've become a kitty drug dealer! :)

I knew my cats loved Valerian s0 when I saw these cushions, I just knew I had to get them. When I started emptying the box (I bought several other items), one of my cats jumped on the counter and was immediately drawn to the cushions...and they weren't even out of the packaging yet! All 4 cats were in the kitchen, playing with just 2 cushions. Hubby told me I had to get more! Definitely a winner in our house!



All my cats go absolutely wild for these pillows. They have hours of fun & no mess. Would highly recommend them to any cat owners.

02/05/17 | Lisa Britton

My cats love them!

Amazing, I've never seen such enthusiasm from my cats for anything. Even better than catnip for them. Warning to humans -smells like gone off cheese or seriously bad feet - but this is part of the attraction for felines. Will definitely buy again.

02/05/17 | Julia smith

Great fun for cats

Great for cats they go mad for it

12/15/16 | Rebecca Thomas

My 4 cats love them

If I'd known what a hit these little pillows would be with my cats I'd have ordered more. I'm now ordering 8 more packs as I've got several other cat lovers interested in them too. Not all of mine like catnip but ALL of them LOVED these 😀

11/06/16 | Tatiana

mixed reactions

Not as strong as my previous (other brand) valerian pillow, which has its advantages: it doesn't stink up the room. One cat has the same reaction as he had with the previous one: rolling, rubbing and biting the pillow. The other one just sits by it and stares.

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