14/07/18 | Alina
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Not sure

I don't know for sure how is this food... I have 3 cats. For one of them is great 6y lost from 5,6kg to 5,2kg in 2 months, the second one gained weight from 7,4kg to 7,7 kg and the third one doesn't like it to much, but still eat a little. She lost from 4,4kg to 3,4kg in 2 months BUT her liver got bad, so bad that she has one week since she doesn't want to eat at all and the blood tests showed us damaged liver - she is 5 y apartment cat and never had health issues. Could it be from this food?
14/11/15 | Rachel
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My cat doesn't like this

My cat is a rescued cat. I have bought different types of trail sized food for her to try. She seemed to like to Applaw Chicken, and she seemed to like fish. So I thought this Chicken & Salmon should be a great hit. And went ahead with the 7.5 kg pack. How naive! She turns her nose up at this! I have to buy some of the low meat content food to mix with this for her to eat. However, she often refuses to eat her food.