Cat ate is for a while

My cat liked this until he tasted a different brand, now he won't go back you this. It's good quality food though and my cat is super fussy so the fact he liked it at all in the first place is good.


Good quality food

After buying the economy pack of this my fussy cat decided he didn't like it anymore, so I'm sneaking it into his other food until it's gone. It's good value for good quality, ethical cat food though, and my cat did use to like it.

04/14/13 | Susan


Bought this product while on a special offer and because my cats love the wet food so much, shame it's so expensive. I find that every time both my cats eat this, they end up vomiting all their morning wet food up, not sure why, both my cats are indoor cats but they can't seem to cope with biscuits for hairball control. This food also has quite a strong smell.