My cat would kill for it

My cat thinks every pellet is a treat. It’s weird but he’s broken in to the plastic tub I keep it in numerous times. And it works from an allergy perspective - he doesn’t rip his skin and the litter tray is almost pleasant!


Cured our cat of excessive scratching. Recommend!

Recommended by Vet to cure our female cat continually scratching her face and neck which was resulting in bleeding and scars. Within 1 week of using she stopped completely. She has an allergy to protein and this product uses a special technique that breaks down normal protein into microscopic particles. It may not be the tastiest food for a cat but she got used to it. We have to be careful that she does not sneak in any other protein (treats like turkey, milk etc) as she starts scratching again.

07/22/18 | Sophie

Best food for my cat

My kitty has suspected IBD. He was on hypo allergenic food but was still having diarrhoea. As soon as I put him on this he has been stable and he loves it! This is unfortunately the only food he can have but I occasionally get the zd tins for a change.

06/18/18 | Julie Letts

Kind on the tummy

Having used Hill's ID for years, my cat still suffered waves of horrible colitis. New vet suggested ZD and we were so happy to see a huge improvement.


Cat cured IBD eating this food

My kitty was rejected by his first owner for his poorly tummy. He came to us with diarrhoea, bleeding, he could not tolerate any other specialised foods, cooked/boiled meats, nothing. After much trial and error, this food has been a blessing. No more tummy issues. It works wonders for him. I don't know what we would do without it.


Quality food, poor delivery

I would highly recommend this food, our cat was sensitive to normal food and this has completely transformed him, however , we have to order it elsewhere as the delivery service, the company use is poor.

08/21/17 | Sophie

Amazin Change in my Cat

I have tried every food, flea treatment and also took her to vets where she was given an injection which had done nothing for her, I bathed her in s certain solution recommended to me again nothing. She suffered terribly with scabby skin and was very irritated, becoming worse and worse she was starting to have sores all over her back, I knew it was an allergy but unsure of to what? So far so good on this food, she has been on it for the past 3-4 months. Remarkable difference.

08/08/17 | Anna Colgan

Helped cat with allergies

Our cat Mia had a skin allergy, which our vet could not find the cause for. I decided to give her this food, along with Almo Nature specialised diet pouches. A few months on, her skin is back to normal and her coat is soft and glossy. She no longer bites herself near her tail and she is a happy cat. Hope this is helpful to others whose cats have similar problems.

02/05/17 | Elizabeth Davies

Cat with IBD

We recently switched our cat's diet from D/D to Z/D just so he could have a different flavour of food and having been on Z/D for 12 months as he has IBD. So far so good. He loves this equally as much as D/D.


Vomiting reduced

Our cat was fed on sachet wet food. He always vomited but it became worse whatever food we fed him. After investigations and scans negative physical problems results. Our vet recommended Hills z/d. At first our cat refused it but after trying it he liked it. Vomiting reduced so now it only occurs once a fortnight sometimes longer. As we started using z/d at the time negative remarks appeared we do not know which formula we are using. Formula is as on Hills website so we assume it's the new one

11/11/16 | Alison Bartlett

great service

I would also like to say what a great service zooplus gives, value for money and prompt delivery.


Changed the receipe

Has worked for over two years for my two Birmans who prior to switching to this food would suffer with bad skin problems, I've just recorded and noticed the formulation has changed and it doesn't refer to allergy and skin anymore but instead states sensitive I hope it still is effective

03/12/16 | Iona

This one sorted the diarrhoea!

My red Burmese male, Tuffy, aged 5, has been prone to bouts of spurting diarrhoea and chronic soft or liquid smelly poos since he was a kitten. He was would miaow loudly in the litter tray and seemed to be in pain. I had tried many foods , including those suggestef by the vet, and was in despair. Steroids only helped in the short term but he would relapse. Then the vet recommended z/d and I was astonished at the result. Tuffy is off steroids now, and is producing proper, hard poos. And without distressed miaows. Its a miracle!! Very very happy cat and owner!


great product

Adopted a cat who was sick daily and really struggled to digest anything properly, tried various foods but on vets advise this one has really done the trick, she digests it all and can even now have the odd meat treat without being sick. Happy cat, happy owner.


Stomach allery

One of my cats was licking his belly and the inside of his back legs for 3 years which due to circumstances i put down to him being a stressed cat and then i saw another vet and she said it could be his food. Well what a difference !!!! 3 months on his fur is growing back and you couldn't tell.


Thank goodness!

I've ways hated Hills. Ropey food, over subsidised for vets. I developed a cat allergy and got a pedigree vs my usual rescue mog and put him on high quality meat/fish food. About 14 months old he gets all allergic and the vet put him on z/d wet as he's always been high protein wet food. Well, it stopped the reaction but the wet food was dreadful - I thought it looked and smelled disgusting and so did the cat. I ordered the dry as an alternative and I swear my cat thought all his Christmases had come at once - no reaction and a clean bowl within minutes every time. So I highly recommend dry z/d, but only if your cat needs specialist food.


good for sensitive cats

hi this is the only food my 2 year old tabby can have. it is very good as he has a very sensitive stomach.

05/03/15 | Steve

Does the Job

Our cat has been licking himself constantly until he had no fur left on his back end and legs. Our vet recommended this product as it seemed to be a food allergy that our cat has. Its now been five weeks and there's a vast improvement on our cat. He doesn't lick anywhere near as much now and his fur is starting to grow back. Please note that this is the only food he is having and nothing else whatsoever. We seem to have narrowed the allergy down to chicken, which can be common in most wet & dry cat foods but Hills Z/D does the job for us. Expensive, but better than our cat being on steroids for the rest of his life.

01/25/15 | Itsamystery

Worked Perfectly

Like another reviewer I adopted 2 cats from the same shelter, a few months apart... history unknown. They both had bouts of diarrhea, smelly and bloody stool. Within a week or 2 of switching to this food as recommended by my vet there was amazing improvement. They have been on this food now for a few years with normal stools.

10/07/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Our saviour!

My Kiko (12) suffered for 3 years from a terrible itching disease and had huge clawed bloody spots on her ears, head and chin. It always began with little scabby bits but within days they became large areas with scraped wounds. She started getting an antibiotic injection every three months and cortisone injections to reduce inflammation. The combination is ESSENTIAL, because if only cortisone is used the bacteria multiply and things get worse! After these treatments the wounds heal and the itching goes away for about 2-3 months. Our vet also recommended Hills 'z/d' and what can I say: Kiko is symptom-free for nine months. The food is so tasty her sister eats it with enthusiasm (they've both put on a nice bit of weight since we started this diet). The success and full acceptance with my cats totally justifies the high price of this food for me (zooplus is actually the cheapest supplier I've found). The protein in this food is ground so small that the body no longer recognises it as an allergen. I would definitely recommend this strongly! 100% satisfied!!! Big thanks to Hill's!