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Eaten with great pleasure

Our litte kitty normally eats dry food but I give him a few pieces of dry food as treats throughout the day. While he leaves other brands on the side he loves this one. It's the first dry food he's eaten - and with gusto to boot! The ingredients are also very strong.
17/02/16 | Tegan
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After adopting two kittens that had both only been fed on wet food full of sugar such as whiskas and felix, I have had a real struggle trying to convert my kittens onto dry, however this is the only dry food that they have ever eaten and seemed to enjoy rather than picking at like some of the other brands. There litter tray now smells a lot better and there coats are shiny and soft. Keeps weight on well, even with my crazy two who run around the place like mini tornadoes, really pleased with the product for the money.. Definitely the cheapest place to buy!
16/12/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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This product has no equal and quickly became a staple for my 7 month old kitten. And thank you to zooplus for such a low price. Would recommend without hesitation!
15/09/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Perfectly satisfied

My kitty has had diarrhoea for 3 weeks. I changed kibble immediately and switched to Pro Plan Junior. She's been going from strength to strength since. Quick delivery and fantastic value for money, much better than retail prices in the shops.
09/06/15 | Nita Skae
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Unfortunately a NO for rice

My cat has many allergies. Having discovered she was allergic to many foods after paying for expensive blood tests as she was eating herself - meaning she was always nibbling away at her fur and skin and producing bald patches. I have to search this site continually to see if they offer anything that is suitable. I have four cats. The others are ok health-wise so it is difficult to find a food that is suitable for all without having to sit with them and make sure I pick up one and put down another. They all love this one, but, unfortunately, it contains rice, therefore I must continue my search.
26/04/13 | Denise B
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My cats loved it

I have two cats just moved up from this food and it ended up being the only dried food they would touch once they had tried it. They have just moved to the adult version and love that too, much to my relief!
30/07/11 | www.carameldreams.co.uk
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good food!

A really nice quality food and the kittens and cats love it! :)
07/12/10 | chris perkins
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Billy's favourite

Tried a few different food for our kitten but only one he would touch was this.

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