22/08/22 | Carol Lester
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Great Shaped Biscuits!

My cats love this dry food. It smells good and has an almost moist look to it. Also, the flat round shape of them mean your cat has to chew them before swallowing. Jenny will eat these enthusiastically and never tires of them. Her poo looks good and firm and her coat is glossy. It's quality food and worth the money.
29/04/21 | Eilish Brady
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Royal Canin Digestive

My two younger cats have had digestion problems since they were kittens. I’ve tried numerous different foods plus many trips to the vet. I was spending a fortune on cat litter and poop bags. Since starting them on Royal Canin Digestive they have been thriving. Two very happy cats are my Minx and Merlot x
16/01/19 | Angela Woodcock
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Happy Tummy

My maine coone had horrendous diarrhoea, he was tested for everything and hospitalised once for 3 days. Nothing was found, so they suggested it may be his food. After seeing the reviews on here I tried a small bag and hey presto. All my other moggies are eating it too and the poo production has reduced greatly
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I have 4 ragdoll cats,2 of whom (aged 2 and 8months)have always suffered with loose very smelly poo.Despite vet treatment and special diets from the vet there was no great improvement. Since feeding them all on this food and ENCORE wet food the problem is solved. They all love their meals and clean their bowls and no more disgusting litter trays.
22/09/18 | Jen Irving
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My bengal cat had colitis from a kitten and this is the only thing that sorted her out.
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Excellent dry food. My cat had suffered with runny, foul smelling poos since I got him 6 years ago and I have tried everything. Dry food seemed to make him worse and he also had colitis whenever I gave it to him. I persevered with this one and it is brilliant. Solid poo with hardly any smell and he loves it! Five stars from me!
19/06/18 | Den H
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good food

One of my cats loves this food. My other is picky. I tried a sample bag first to see what was my best option and both ate it eagerly. They went through the bag in no time. So I bought a big bag. The picky one stopped eating it but my younger cat still eats it and I have had no issues with it. the polo mint shape means they take time eating it, and digesting more of the food.
01/01/18 | Cole
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Little Persian loves it

Royal Canin is the best food. My Persian cats love it
02/09/17 | Janice
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It cured my raggies runny poo!!

my two ragdoll cats have sensitive stomach always have runny & smelly poo, brought them to visit VET many time ... but no improvement at all!! I don't want them keep taking antibotic... later on I notice this dry food, then I decided to have a try but then after three weeks it does help my cats stop the runny poo!! I am so pleased!! I would recommend it to every cats who has runny poo.
31/08/17 | Ann Harrup
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User of 7 years

Both my cats love this. They've been eating these biscuits for 7 yrs now. They love them. There coats are always gleaming and soft. My daughter has now started using them for her cat as after a trial sample from me he loves them. If I give my cat some 'treat' nibbles they don't chew them, they swallow whole, but these biscuits they have to chew and it is good for their theeth
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A very satisfied cat

Finally, a dry cat food that my cat enjoys, with the added bonus of not only being good for his digestion but also his teeth, as he crunches away whilst eating the biscuits. Thank You!
31/12/16 | Sandra Carmichael
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Best product for cat with diarrhoea

My British short haired cat was pooing 5 or 6 times a day . Her poos were really runny and smelly. We had to clean her bum regularly!!! 2 weeks after using this product there was a vast improvement less poos, less odour and a clean bum!!! She has a small amount of wet food but her main diet is the biscuits.
12/11/16 | helen
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only dry food cat will crunch

I have tries lots of dry kibble but one of my cats always swallowed it hole. even the large oral care one, so defeated the object of being for their teeth. The digestive care seems to be the best shape and hardness as he crunches this one every time. great
22/06/16 | Karen Scott
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Wonderful product!

I bought this for my two Ragdolls who frequently have quite loose stools and occasional diahorrea. It has worked wonders and we now have perfectly formed poos with a significant decrease in odour!! Our two other cats love the taste so all of them are happily scoffing this food. Can't recommend this enough.
31/05/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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My 6 cats love it, no more throwing up, less smelly poos and the cat litter lasts longer. I recommend this products. A Satisfied zooplus customer.
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No more puke!

My cat used to throw up 2 to 3 times a day everywhere in the house. we tried this dry food and he stopped being sick. He also eats more. His poos are smaller and less smelly. he is happy and so am I.
10/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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dry food for hungry cat

My cat used to swallow the kibbles without chewing so used to throw up quite often. the kibble shape and size forced him to chew. since then, no more problem!
03/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Finally, the right kibble shape and size for their teeth. No more diarrhoea.. No more vomiting. No more strong smell and all these improvements from the beginning. My 3 cats love it from the beginning.
06/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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top !

My 12 year old cat love this food and has no more soft poos or diarrhoea. Really hope he is going to stick to it. at the moment he cant get enough!
04/10/15 | Jay
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My 1 year old ginger tabbys stools were very runny and smelly. After numerous times to the vets trying antibiotics, probiotics, and special veterinary wet food I had spent a fortune. I was getting worried that Bruce was going to have further tests. My poor boy was loosing weight. I decided to try this Royal Canin Digestive Care. Within a couple of days there was a vast improvement. His stools are now normal. I feed him this and Hi Life Tempt me. Seems to have done the trick!