28/06/20 | John byrne
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Royal canin mother and baby dry food

I use the mother and baby dry food every time my cats are pregnant to help keep them healthy and it helps with the production of milk and it is the first rry food my kittens eat up to age of 4mths. It has all the vitamins and minerals the kittens need to encourage good healthy growth .
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Perfect for baby cats

I brought my two little monsters home when they were 8 weeks old. Up until then they'd been fed exclusively on whiskas pouches so I moved them onto this. They were a little confused at first but the tiny pieces were perfect for their little mouths and they soon seemed to prefer it to the whiskas. 2 and a half months later my little boy still adores this and tucks in the second I put it out but my little girl seems to have lost all interest and only eats it begrudgingly. However both of their coats look beautifully shiny and they both seem healthy so I plan on sticking with Royal Canin and moving them both onto Kitten 36 in a few weeks (working my way through a 4kg bag). I'd strongly recommend this if your kittens are under 12 weeks - I don't think mine could have coped with normal supermarket "kitten" food. I'd also recommend sticking to the 2kg bags - they aren't as economical but at least if you're kitten suddenly dislikes it you won't be left with tonnes of spare.