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Excellent food

Our kittens thrive on this food. I start them on it, wet, just before they are 4 weeks old, especially when we have a big litter. Then dry a couple of days later. They all thrive on it as does the mother /queen.
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My cat and kittens thrived on this food

The kittens took to this food without hesitation at just short of 4 week's old; to begin with, I mixed it with watered down goat milk (50/50). Mother cat kept a healthy weight and regained any weight she'd lost after the birth so much quicker than any other nutrition I've tried them on. I'm delighted.
24/02/18 | Anna
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My number 1

As far as I'm all for grain free food this is my number one for pregnant& nursing mum also as a first food for kittens. Never had any problems with kittens weaning on that food, no tummy problems ever! Also mums are putting weight nicely and don't loose much after birth and lactating. Never will change for anything else.
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Great for hedgehogs

My four rescue hedgehogs are loving this food! It’s ideal bite sized and seems to be putting weight on them nicely. Fingers crossed for them getting outside again in spring.
01/01/18 | Cole
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Little Persian loves it

Royal Canin is the best food. My Persian cats love it
19/07/17 | Carole Catchpole
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prickles delight

I have recently purchased this product to feed to baby hedgehogs and they absolutely love it - not only the babies but the adults too. Much smaller than kitten food offered previously and preferred by our hoggies.
05/02/17 | Laura
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Excellent Food

We have found no matter what age, the cats enjoy this food, its brilliant for weaning the little ones and for mum too. If the cats are not feeling well, its light food and the love it.
02/04/16 | caroline white
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Fabulous !!

Bought this after reading reviews while looking for the best product to wean the 3 kittens my cat Poppy had. The food is very small ideal for kittens weaning. I started them off on them by soaking the biscuits first for the 1st few weeks. I already have 4 cats so with 3 additions I am running a full house, even ran out of cat dishes so this was served to the new kittens in a garlic tray and I'm pleased to say as soon as the food is down they line up like lil pigs at a trough lol ...
15/04/15 | Lesley
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Kittens fight over it!

We adopted two 11 week old brother kittens from a animal shelter. They didn't provide us with any food for them to eat. We tried the kittens on Pet's at Home own brand dry kitten food on advice from them. The kibbles were massive and after 2 days one of our kittens was violently ill from having undigested food in his stomach. After reading some reviews we decided to try The Royal Canin Mother and Babycat dry food. They absolutely love it. The kibbles are tiny and they seem really crunchy as they are eating them. The kittens actually fight over who gets to it first. There is always an empty bowl 5 minutes after it is put down for them. They have flourished after only a few day eating it (in conjunction with Smilla kitten food), their coats are shiny and they are really active. Their toilet visits are also a lot better and they don't smell half as much as they used to. I would recommend this to anyone who has a kitten under 4 months old.
20/01/15 | Aimi
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Small pieces, very mild smelling kibbles

Upgraded from Whiskas to RC Mother and Babycat cold turkey, Kitten had no problem with the switch. Loved that the biscuits were small for him. Had no problem with vomiting, lovely bowel movement. Wouldn't touch the Whiskas pouches he used to love anymore. The only gripe is that there are other brands with higher protein content and quality ingredients that are of similar prices such as Applaws and Acana. Loving Zooplus for the variety and good prices!
27/06/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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My kitten adores it. When I adopted my kitten, the owners gave it Purina One for kittens, which I continued with for several days after taking him home, whilst gradually mixing in RC food. The difference is astonishing - the RC food is softer so easier for him to eat. he has a lovely coat and has never been ill. I'm now also using the Babycat Mousse
09/06/14 | Dianne
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My Bengal kitten loves it

My Bengal kitten loves it, great for delicate tums!
25/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Much appreciated

My kitten hadn't eaten anything for 36 hours, not even "babycat & mother RC". However once I moistened the food with water he devoured the lot. Nice firm poo too. I would recommend feeding a very small amount to very little kittens.
30/03/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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My totally spoilt cat won't eat anything else.
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excellent !

my kitten thinks this is great! He looks great on it too !
18/11/13 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Irresistible !!

My kitten loves this food, he's put on weight and his coat has a great shine!
13/11/13 | Sue Nicholls
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Great for hedgehogs too...!

I have been buying this to feed to young or sickly hedgehogs for a couple of years now. I like it for the high protein that is easily assimilated and the hogs gain weight much more quickly on this than other cheaper forms of dry foods. Also the very small kibble size is ideal for small mouths and teeth. I will continue to buy this into the future as long as there are hedgehogs coming to my feeding stations.
26/10/13 | Alan Watkins
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Not only kittens

Widely used by hedgehog rescues across the country particularly for feeding up small or sickly hedgehogs. More or less the biscuit of choice for hogs. Hogs have small mouths/teeth so the size of the kibble is very important.
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My cat is now 10 months old. Ive had her from 12 weeks, at first i brought dry food that was available in supermarkets and i noticed she wouldnt eat much of it. Until i went to my local pet shop and was advised this. From then she loves this!! Infact eats this more than her wet food. So little madam now has a lovely soft coat and is so healthy.... I love this!...Also a great price! I dont have to go out to get this....its delivered to my door.... Excellent!!!
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good value for money

Very good value for money this 10kg bag will keep my 2 cats going forever! best bit was the free cat tunnel, they love playing with the toy attached and chase each other through it!