12/10/20 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Easy to digest and cats have loved it

This product really agrees with my cat and he loved it straight away. Always enjoys his bowl.
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Replacement for Hills j/c

My cats are aging and all have joint issues so for 6 months we've been feeding Hills Science Plan J/C which they didn't really like and we had to mix in a different dry food to get them to eat it. I just fed them this for the first time and they were queuing up to eat it. It was recommended by our vet so fingers crossed.
22/01/18 | Mrs Wiltshire/UK
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British Blue With Bad Joints

This food has worked really well for our Brit, he is only three years old but has bad joints and already needed an operation. Tried Hills J/D first as it was excellent for a previous cat with arthritis due to old age but the pellets were too small for the huge British Blue jaws so the food just kept falling out of his mouth but RC Mobility works and he can eat it properly and is thriving under the circumstances. Highly recommend this food.
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Keeping Barney Bouncing!

My 12yr old cat has elbow arthritis and having fed this diet for the last 6mths have found it to be very effective in assisting his general mobility and well being and reducing his need of NSAIDs for pain.It is also v.palatable ..as Barney will tell you x
11/11/15 | Lara
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Excellent food for my senior fussy babe

My cat suffers from arthritis and has stopped jumping off high walls . He is also a fussy cat, difficult to satisfy his large appetite. But he adores this dry food.Thank you Zooplus for supplying Royal Canin Vet Diet Mobility MC28