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Like getting a new cat

One of our rescue cats has always been sick regularly, and has never liked being touched around her tummy. After she started having loose poos and stopped grooming properly we decided to switch her to this and she's like a new cat - very cuddly and happy with a beautifully glossy coat.
18/12/18 | Will
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They love it!

The vet recommended this because my cat's teeth were going bad, and he wouldn't let me brush them. Luckily he loves it and he now gobbles it up every day.
21/11/18 | Key
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It’s Helped!

My very mardy jumpy cat has been on this for a year now recommended to my by my cattery. So far so good she’s a lot calmer now so will carry on feeding her it.
18/10/18 | RC
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Worked for my cat

My poor British Shorthair was self-harming (over grooming and scratching) for more than a year and despite many vet visits and no small expense, it was suggested I put her on an elimination diet using this product. After 6 weeks, she was "cured" and she's now on it permanently. I'd give it 10/10 if I could.
15/10/18 | Teresa Meehan
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Wonderful, worth every penny.

I had a little 10 year old cat from the Cat protection, she arrived seriously underweight and Iritable Bowel Syndrome. It took my vet a few days to diagnose through blood test, she was put on Royal Canine Gastro Intstenal and she has never looked back, she loves the dry food and hates the wet food so I buy her Sheba Soups which she loves her weight is now 5kg it was 3 kg 6 monyths ago and she has never had a days sickness since, she has had 2 injections fortnightly but is now finished them.
27/09/18 | Ian
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Devon Rex

Tried many many other dry foods before this one. Yes its twice the price of some other good foods but it works. Daisy has gone from 4/5 loose poos per day to 1/2. Only 1 week in as well so expect to improve further. Poppy likes it too and no change in her ( she was fine anyway ). 5 stars
23/09/18 | Rachel
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Very palatable

Tried this recently with my cat Boris who won't eat wet renal foods and he loves it. So good to see him eating well as his renal problems have caused serious weight loss
21/09/18 | Jess
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First time we've had solid poos!

Since he's been around 6 months old (now just turned 1) we've varied from runny cow pat to formed but soft, other foods and probiotics seemed to help slightly but we've never had an actual properly solid poop until now! He's been on it about a 10 days so far so I'm really hoping this will continue. He and my other cat are both on this food at the moment and both enjoy it, although after reading the back of the pack they're not too pleased with the new reduced amount of food they're receiving!
06/09/18 | Rebecca
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This is right for our sensitive Bengal

Our Bengal has tried a handful of different foods and I really appreciate how much this one suits him. Other foods just went straight through him and make him quite poorly Sensitive is well recieved and comes out how it should. Works great for my kitty. Would recommend others to try if cat has a sensitive stomach
28/05/18 | Jackie Maxwell
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Brilliant stuff

I took in a homeless cat who weighed just over 7kg. His owner died and when the family sold the house they threw him out. His weight was due to neighbours all feeding him. A restricted diet didn't work but with this food his weight is just under 6kg so we are nearly there. For it to work you must read the instructions and weigh it. Only feed the daily recommended amount, don't leave it out as a free for all. Sparky started out on 50+gms per day but now only gets 43gms to get him to his target.
24/04/18 | Zillah Barnes
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I give this as a treat for my senior kitties. They love the taste & look forward daily to a few pieces of kibble. They crunch away & I know it's helping to clean their teeth & in moderation is good for them.
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Cat food

Been using Zoo Plus for a couple of years now, fantastic service from them, honest, trustworthy and helpful
19/03/18 | Deborah Blencowe
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I am very happy with this product

My Ragdoll was diagnosed with chronic renal failure at 8 years of age. I tried him on various renal foods, this he actually liked! At last! He has regained his lost weight and his 'mojo'...and he is 10 in May. Relieved and delighted.
12/03/18 | Carmen bm
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Very effective

My cat weighted 5.6 kilos and after 18 months taking this food, combined with more activity, now he weights 3.7 kilos.
22/01/18 | Mrs Wiltshire/UK
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British Blue With Bad Joints

This food has worked really well for our Brit, he is only three years old but has bad joints and already needed an operation. Tried Hills J/D first as it was excellent for a previous cat with arthritis due to old age but the pellets were too small for the huge British Blue jaws so the food just kept falling out of his mouth but RC Mobility works and he can eat it properly and is thriving under the circumstances. Highly recommend this food.
15/01/18 | Steve
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We have one cat with renal problem but both cats love This. they were very fussy with the wet food but love this stuff.
13/01/18 | Emma
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Cats needed to lose weight and keep the weight off. the vet recommended this product The cats seem to enjoy eating the food, they are very fussy!, and they are both at their ideal weight now as they have both lost over 1kg
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Had problems with my cat since a kitten due to stress, she comes from a multi-cat household and began urinating on the carpets or rugs and nothing worked till I started feeding her the calming food! She was so unsocialable before as well and now she comes to us for strokes and cuddles all the time. A few month in another cat I have started showing signs of stress and anger towards the others and I’ve put her on the food too and no problems anymore :)
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Very satisfied

The 1st time I have used Zooplus and very pleased with delivery time. will use again
15/11/17 | E. Thompson
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Vet advised change from Science Diet Id solved problem

George was on Science Diet ID diet for some years but in last 6 months he'd had an upset stomach on and off, which then became permanent. Initial treatment with probiotics saw no change so our vet carried out a number of tests and, although he's 18 years old, nothing could be found. She suggested changing from ID to the Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal, which we did over a week, and all is back to normal, and has stayed so. In addition, he's looking better and his activity levels have gone up.