01/09/20 | Susan
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I have a few cats and they all love taste of the wild. They prefer it to all other types. If it came in a 25kg I'd buy it
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Cats doing very well on this

My cats are fed this plus Feringa wet food and we're very happy with it. One of them had a ton of dandruff when we got her, after a month on this diet it is much reduced and her coat is a lot softer and shinier. I just wish they sold it in bags of 4 or 5 kilos as 2kg runs out quickly but 7kg is massive.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

great food

my cats enjoyed the taste and it was good for their digestive system
31/07/17 | Aytek
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Affordable and Grain-Free

I give my cat different brands of dry food time to time and varying as many brands as possible. However, I realised that the periods my cat had Taste of the Wild were the healthiest periods of her lifetime. Whenever she eats Taste of the Wild, her coat gets shinier, loss of fur is minimum and she is more active, more responsive and healthy. This food doesn't have grains and is one of the best dry food for the price / value. I guess I will change my habit on varying the food and stick with this.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Truely Wild

My two cats go absolutely mad for this stuff. My partner and I were just weaning them from Hill's Science Plan for personal reasons (not here to bash another brand). The food smells less greasy than most brands that contain grain (Rice, Wheat, Corn starch) and my cats coats have become so soft and shiny. Plus they're full of energy now! Would highly recommend.
05/02/17 | Raquel Fernandez
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Very good quality

I was looking to give something more healthier to my cat and Taste of the Wild make the deal, my cat love it! I mixed it with Bozita wet food and is a perfect combination.
19/04/15 | Heather, Staffordshire
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My 3 Maine Coons were brought up on Royal Canin. They started to have a few problems and I was advised to change their diet to a grain free dry food and it was suggested to try this product. The cats love it and I have had no further problems.
23/02/15 | Eela
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Excellent Grain Free Choice

My two cats have always been on Royal Canin. They started on Kitten then progressing to Exigent. I wanted to try a grain free food and after some research tried Porta 21. Neither of them liked this and would barely eat any of it. I then tried Taste of the Wild and they love it and eat it by the bowl full. It smells very nice, stronger than some other brands and I maybe has a more intense taste which they prefer (I put this down to the smoked salmon and roasted venison). I would say if you are wanting to give grain free a go definitely try Taste of the Wild!
12/02/15 | KG
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Happy cats and humans

I've been switching my cats over to this food for the last 2 months. Plus they have wet food. My cats have free access to biscuits. This dry food is great, it last for ages and the cats don't scoff it all down and then sick it up (which is what was happening with their old cereal based food). We're very happy with it.
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Quality At a Fair Price

I have tried many different brands of dry food over the thirty years that I have been breeding pedigree cats. Some are very well appreciated by my feline friends but sadly my bank account is not high enough to sustain the ever increasing prices. Taste Of The Wild has improved the coats and general wellbeing of my Bengals and their stomachs tolerate it very well. My British Shorthair have never looked so well! In short I would say give it a try for a month and watch the improvement in your cats and your bank balance!! QUALITY FOOD AT A QUALITY PRICE!!
13/08/14 | Lucy
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Shiny coat and guttastic

I have been giving this to my sensitive gut ex feral ginger boy for a few months now (along with a low fat grain free of a different make) and he refers this but has to have a mix as he is too fat. He loves it and his coat is much softer now and the poos (hard to tell as he is very private and goes out of the garden) but no flatulence or mucky bottom, so thumbs up for Taste of the Wild. The price is also very competitive against his other fave Applaws which is higher in fat.
02/04/14 | Tom - Lambeth, London
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Best Grain Free Cat Food Around!

My cat went off wet food and raw food and I put her on dry food but searched for a quality dry food and found this which was an instant hit, within 24 hours of her first feed her coat went incredibly silky soft and the itchy dandruff she had disappeared. I highly recommend this dry food as it is grain free and very healthy.
07/01/14 | Cherry B
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Very good dry food

My cat is especially picky, but this selection suits her perfectly. I have noticed that even it is more expensive than superstore stuff, actually they eat smaller portions, so the package lasts longer.
28/06/13 | Dan Hooper
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A good combination of price and quality

We did lots of reading and decided to go for Taste of the Wild based on its good content. As far as we could see only Orijen might be better but there was a big price difference. Our two female Bengals love this dry food and we are only just about to run out after 6 months of feeding a 50/50 diet with Animonda Carny wet food. Having said that we like the look of the Applaws kitten dry food too.
06/09/12 | Mrs Patricia Duval
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The Best Cat Food I Have Ever Bought!

I have been using this food for the past 8 months and it's fantastic! I breed Bengals and they have very sensitive stomachs. I was getting really frustrated trying all the other grain free foods such as Origen and Applaws which were good but the stools were very smelly and loose. All that has changed and all my kittens and adults are now fed on Taste of the Wild. No more smelly poos and runny ones. I'll never use anything else. Delighted!
01/05/12 | Laura
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Best Ever

This is the ONLY dry food that is loved by both of my cats and the only food (among dry food such as orijen and acana, and wet food such as bozita and grau) that won't irritate my kitten's extremely sensitive stomach. Just ordered the other new flavour to try <3
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

firm favorite

I've been feeding this for about a year, and find it to be the most generally accepted of the grain free foods (with the possible exception of Golden Eagle's, which Zooplus doesn't carry). I hope it gets stocked again soon!
28/01/12 | Clare
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Excellent, healthy food.

Before this food, my cat's litter tray constantly smelt like she had a stomach upset. It was so bad we had to get up in the night if she used it otherwise we couldn't breathe. We tried different foods including Orijen and Acana and they made no difference. I tried Taste of the Wild and after a few days the smell gradually disappeared, now we can't even tell if she has used the tray or not.
06/11/11 | Tom (London)
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My cat has tried various wet and dried foods and has turned her nose up at everything even raw food. I purchased this to see if she would eat it, the result was she can't stop eating it, she loves it. I noticed that Taste of the Wild have released a new variety called Taste of the Wild Salmon & Trout which is on trial in the USA but not currently available anywhere else. I hope that zooplus stock it in the future to add a bit more variety to the cats meals.
17/10/11 | Harvey H
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The taste has got puss wild with delight

Puss has been a very fussy eater. Partially eating a host of other foods reluctantly. Then only when he realises there is nothing else on the menu. Yes it was a case of him rather going out and catching a mouse. Have got a big box full of unwanted cat foods waiting for a less discerning diner. This food has been a revelation, would give it a 10 if possible, he absolutely loves it. Will be the first time that I've bought the same food again. The mice can have the unwanted dry.