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Sadly, my cats won't eat it.

I think this food is of great quality, but unfortunately my cats won't touch it. They are used to eating good quality food (Applaws, Almo Nature, etc), but for some reason they won't eat this. It smells good and natural to me, but maybe not so much to my kitties' noses. It was an expensive gamble due to the fact that they don't make small packs (I prefer food in 400g - 600g packs so that it is always fresh and isn't too much of a loss if my cats won't eat it).
19/02/13 | Brie
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Made most of my cats ill

I have 11 cats that have always been on Orijen but when there was the shortage over the last few months (thankfully they are back up and running now) I had to put them on something else and Taste of the Wild seemed like next best choice but nearly all of my "kids" had runny poo and were quite gassy. We stuck with it for a while as we had no choice but they did not improve so I'm glad to have Orijen back.
27/05/11 | SpookySpooky
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Cat's not eating it

This is good food, shame the cat's have other ideas, and simply don't eat it. I really wanted them to like it as it has good ingredients but it's cheaper than Orijen and Acana. I wish they did a 400g sample bag, as i'm now left with the 2.5kg no one wants to eat. I only use it as snack food, not their main meals, so i think it's going to last a while.