28/05/21 | Jana
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We both this for our 2 lads as an update of the old one. It is massive :)) and I think we need bigger house ourselves now but it was a great buy . It looks great and our lads loves it .
30/05/15 | fran
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Hammock now a hit

After posting that the hammock was a waste of space it now appears to be a favorite spot for our big girl the only thing we have done is we moved the smaller hammock to the post under the hammock where it was when we had 1 cat in it and another cat in bed atop the post it seemed to make it lean
15/01/15 | Tina
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Cat tree has been delivered in just two days from time the order had been placed. It's easy to assemble but needed an extra pair of hands as item is quiet heavy. Once assembled, it wasn't just me who was surprised how huge this tree is. Even my cats were impressed. Lol. They absolutely love it. The quality of the material is beautifully soft. It's a stunning cat tree. A purchase well made. It's of very good quality and in my opinion worth the money. Thank you to Zooplus for the great service and speedy turnaround of my order.
19/08/14 | Bobbi
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Stunning tree

This really is an amazing tree. It has lots of areas for the cats to snuggle and curl up together, even large cats. It is sturdy and well built. The only drawback us the building of it. It is strange to build from the top down and really needs 2 people. I class myself as really quite good at building trees but this one had me puzzled and was rebuilt a few times. The primary problem apart from building the wrong way up, us the very poor instructions. They really could have taken a bit more time over this. Otherwise, a great tree for cats even large breeds
16/08/14 | Alix
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Beautiful, Huge and Amazing!

This takes up a HUGE amount of space and the room it occupies is very large. However it is beautiful in it's design and colours, which are not vulgar or in your face. My 7year old moggie cat, Sirius, has been enjoying slowly exploring each part of it and my new NFO kitten, Absolut/Regulus loves climbing madly to the top. It was a bit of a struggle to get it together, please read the instructions carefully and be aware of which screws i.e. the length of them go where. All in all I love this and the cats seem to as well. The delivery from Zooplus has been outstanding and I've been very impressed with their customer service. I will surely be ordering from them again. The best pet website EVER!
27/02/14 | Beata
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A great cat tree

I bought this cat tree about one month ago. The process of setting up the tree was not easy, especially when you do it on your own but I managed to finish the task. PLEASE NOTE - you have to follow up the manual and start on the top. Now my both cats can enjoy this very stable and sturdy cat tree. It looks great in the flat, it gives plenty of sleep and play areas. To sum up, I can recommend this product to everybody, especially for bigger cats.