16/08/15 | Gill Kobiela
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Pricey purchase but pussies seem pleased ..

Had been indecisive about this tree and a couple others, decided to go with this one as is wider than others and has two top spots for my two cats. Was delivered quickly along with other purchases. One box was a bit bashed which I appreciate is courier not zooplus. Everything looked fine all the same. The printed material not as dark as in some pictures but a more Goldy brown colour. Had to get my dad to help me construct it as one person needs to hold as other one attatches etc. Instructions were helpful but could have been a bit clearer. After assembling saw two strips of light shining through top den, felt around realised had indeed been bashed. Can't tell otherwise. Gingerella the furry terror scratching and climbing on it straight away, slept on it last night. Her big brother Fredrico Fredwardo Fatty MacBongo who is nearly 6kg down from 6.5kg reluctantly got as far as the hammock. He's curled up on the upper printed ledge tonight after a hard days hunting. I've been praying it doesn't collapse under his weight. So far so good. Bottom line, kitties are happy, I'm happy, even though think it is a bit pricey. Peace of mind for larger cats.
18/04/15 | fran
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good sturdy tree

Although I do agree about the getting down from it our boy doesn't seem to be phased and the girls come down onto a cupboard or the sofa either side of it . its by far the most we have paid for a cat tree ( this is our 4th ) but by far the sturdiest the 2 beds have ample room for 2 cats but the hammock is a waste of time it just makes it awkward to get to the top a shelf and ladder would have been better