09/12/20 | Dympna.
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I thought this was a great tree when I got it first, but after less than 2 weeks use, the plush covering has started to rip apart on one of the platforms. Also, I have to retighten the screws that hold the various platforms in place every second day. I have smaller trees that have been in use a couple of years and have had none of these problems with them. Build quality is just not good enough.
24/08/20 | Lorraine
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Not big enough for large cats

The description says it’s suitable for large breeds but my 2 moggies are too big for it. The curved platform bends slightly when they sit on it and the bed at the top is a very tight squeeze for them, it goes all lop sided when they get in it. Waste of money as it won’t be used. The description should say it’s not for large cats as it can be hard to judge from dimensions. It’s not as study as other cats trees I’ve bought from zooplus, wobbles a good bit when the cats jump on it.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Christmas Prezzie for Cat's

I got this for my Kitty's about 3 years ago, I have a Siamese, half Russian Blue, and 2 domestic cat's, they done a good job on it and I must say it's still standing after 3 year's they loved it slept on it and so far have never left it a lone but it's well worth the money easy to put together I did that by myself yay and thank you to all at Zooplus
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Not sturdy or suitable for large cats

The curved levels are rather flimsy and look as if they will break when jumped on and the scratching posts aren't all easily useable for my cat unlike her last cat tree. The scratching posts are also quite small in circumference. The tree is way too small for large cats. It is, however, good to have a comfy bed at the top and she spends a lot of time in it, but overall I wouldn't buy it again.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Good untill started falling apart

Bought this for my previous cat, who grew to be quite big (almost 6kg) quite quickly. He loved this tree especially the top seat and spent a lot of time enjoying the view from it. And the tree looked nice. However the poles are made of plywood rather than solid wood and soon started becoming wobbly under his weight. Tried fixing it but the holes became bigger and bigger. Finally had to get rid of one post and change others around. It is still serving my new 2 cats but soon it will have to go.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Nice, but make sure that you keep hold of the alan key

my two little monsters love this post. It's a good size and very quick and easy to assemble. Delivery can't be faulted either. Down sides with it are that is isn't the most stable of frames and I am finding that the shelves at the different levels come lose as the cats run around on it.

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