14/11/20 | originally published in zooplus.nl
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Decent but ...

very good scratching post, I have already bought it twice but now there are 3 legs with their fabric almost worn down which isn't great, these should also be made of sturdier rope, as it is now I will buy another tree
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04/11/20 | originally published in zooplus.es
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My cat loves it. It's sturdy, the bed on top is large and fits her perfectly, and is the perfect height to gaze out of the window. We bought another one for my dad's house
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02/11/20 | originally published in zooplus.es
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It didn't even last 4 month, the bottom of the fabric has come off and my cats have scratched through it. It's falling apart
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24/11/18 | Dijana
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Both cats love it. Best buy!!

This is my second cat tree I purchased as the XL is to large for my currant house and the cats love love it. I highly recommend it
02/09/18 | Verity
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BRILLIANT! Kittens adore it!

This was the best purchase I've made! I recently brought home 2 new kittens and I was nervous they wouldn't use it. They absolutely LOVE it. They sleep on the top platform and use the scratching posts, as well as chasing each other up and down the entire structure. It is a complete joy to watch them play on this thing. It was also really easy to set up, and looks great in the living room. They love to watch the world go by out the window. Highly, highly recommend!
16/08/18 | Dijana
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Love the Bear's Den

This is my second Cat tree I purchased from Zooplus. Our first one was the XL Tree the cats love it but due to downsizing we needed something smaller. Well the cats are getting used to it as cats are they prefer the cardboard box at first then the actual tree. It's larger then I expected but that's ok 💗 💗 We love it and Lord Loftus and Lady-Ru will get comfy on it very soon
12/03/18 | Anne
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Easy to assemble, attractive cat tree

This lovely cat tree is made of nice quality materials and is so easy to put together. No screwdrivers etc needed, just use the allen key provided. Took me about 20 minutes. Easy to reconfigure into different designs. Cat has had an initial explore and scratch - then went straight for the hidey-hole - which he just about fits in with his paws dangling out (he's quite a big cat!). It'll take a bit of time but I think he'll be very happy with it!
06/01/17 | Dusty and Hunky
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poorly made

My cats loved this however the material was of poor quality the fleece covering shreds/moults and my kittens mouths were always full of fluff. They also chewed the side of the house and the tree only lasted 6 months before throwing it away.
11/09/16 | Sue Hailwood
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Every home should have one......

Wish I'd bought this earlier as it would have stopped kitten demolishing the 15year old spider plant !! Excellent product, it's quite big, but worth every penny to keep one very active kitty occupied and give 4 very tolerant dogs a rest. Very easy assembly.
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Bought as a 2nd Cat Tree for Cattery

Built from bottom to top in approx. half hour. Very sturdy. Unfortunately my two large cats, haven't taken to it yet, they prefer the Rapunzel Cat tree which I purchased about a month ago.
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Received this awesome tree on my lunch break, go with DPD as your delivery company of choice as they tell you a hour time slot unlike other companies I won't mention rhyming with Dodel. Took me 20 minutes to construct the tree, with a picture diagram for instructions, I don't know what previous reviewers are talking about, I did it from base upwards as instructed and it was built perfectly. My 5 month kitten jumped up and scratched away and snoozed on the various platforms straight away. Bargain price and highly recommend this product to anyone.
09/02/16 | Maddie
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This is one of our favourite cat trees. Very sturdy and well made. We are on second one as this tree has proven it's quality and durability.
26/12/15 | Ruth Kennedy
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Very sturdy for 4 adult cats

Excellent value for money... I have 4 cats & they all love it... Great got sleeping on & scratching on... They fight over the beds lol
12/11/15 | Sanny
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Bear's Den

My gorgeous 4 month old kitten likes this tree very much, I see her often sleep on the top part when I get home and she has such a content face on her! The many scratching places on this is also good, as she can climb easily and trim down her nails... great product!
23/09/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Cat Tree Bear's Den

My parents' cat loves this cat tree. She sleeps, plays, and tumbles about on it. Great value for money. Very stable.
29/06/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Slowly won over

Our cat took a little while to warm to it, but it has now become it's favourite spot to unwind in the evenings. She curls up into a little ball and stays well away from the rest of the furniture. All in all: a winner. Very comfortable and easy on the wallet too!
18/06/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Our cat loves this bear den :-)

After a long search, this has got to be the best choice! Our cat was intrigued from the moment we began building it, and took to it immediately. It is now his favourite place to sleep, keep watch, and play around. Just great! And if the cat's happy, I'm happy ;-) Easy assembly, very solid, and fantastic value for money
02/05/15 | Rob
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Been looking to buy one of these for a long time and after two years of searching for the right one, I stumbled across this... Believe me it was worth the wait! Firstly it was so simple to put together. I'm USELESS at any form of DIY but in less than 40 mins, it was assembled. I haven't been able to keep my three cats off of it since it was assembled and they were starting to interact with it as it was being built. Fantastic price for a great sturdy piece of cat kit. Only point I would make is even though I measured it before hand, it is bigger than it looks in the pics so ensure you have the space. I've moved my living room around to accommodate it.
14/04/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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My cat loves this cat tree
05/03/15 | Tracy B
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Can't wait for my 16 year old carpentry/apprentice son to get home. He will be so impressed with me! The Cat Tree arrived this morning and took me 45 minutes to construct. I am so glad I read the reviews before attempting this as I would have been so disappointed if I had tried to build from the ground up! Follow the order on the diagram, starting with No. 1! Do not be tempted to build from the base upwards. It won't work! As I type, my three cats are exploring the tree. I know they will LOVE it! Very good value for money, very sturdy, great interest for the cats with the different levels and elements to it. A handy tip for cleaning - just rub it over, not with a damp cloth but with a rubber glove on your hand. Works better if the glove is damp. The hair just rolls up into balls, easy to pick up.