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Rescue Cat Adores This But beware fur and toppling.

I've had very few cats interested in toys straight out of the box, but we recently decided to try our very exuberant rescue boy with some. He adores this but I am slightly cautious about him ingesting some of the fibres from the 'ferret' as he has taken to really going for them. I hadn't realised there was catnip in them! I saw another owner here mentioning trimming them down and will try this. Might be something to bear in mind also, wider base needed as this does topple. He loves it though!
06/04/18 | Natalia
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It’s alright for my 8 month old troublemaker but it may not be sturdy enough when he grows. The furry bits may be tricky if your cat is inclined to bite on those and eat the fur. Luckily, mine’s not interested but I did trim those just in case.
02/01/17 | Sue
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My cat really likes this but unfortunately its not stable / sturdy enough for a full grown cat to use. It needs a wider base to make it more stable. As my cat uses his claws on it, his claws pull it over and it topples over onto him. He is currently using it on its side, which works, but of course this isnt how it is meant to be