04/26/18 | Eugene Doran

Definitely a Lifesaver.

My Cocker had serious pancreatic problems and was seriously I'll. This food has made her fit and healthy again. No recurrence of pancreatitis thanks to Hills :)
01/27/18 | Rachael


my dog was very near being put to sleep after months of loose stools and loss of appetite put her on this food and totally transformed she has put a lot of weight back on and her coat is glossy would highly recommend this well worth the extra money

Thank you Zooplus

My dog is diabetic. This stuff really works. Accidently bought the other ID easy digesting dry dog food used it for two weeks before realising and my dogs bloods came back as out of the good zone then put him back on this stuff and sugar levels went back to normal. And Welldone Zooplus for making it more affordable for us dog owners!
10/11/17 | Stephen Green

Excellent product / Excellent service

Since nearly losing Molly (miniature Schnauzer) at the age of 1 to pancreatitis she has been on Hills Low Fat ever since. She is now 5 years old and has never had any more trouble. Zooplus is definitely the cheapest company around and their loyalty programme discount is a great incentive to keep coming back.
03/14/17 | Maria

quality and service.

I'd like to say that this food is just wonderful, very rich and excellent for sensitive digesting. My boy has a very complicated diagnosis which is megaesophagus and the food is perfect for it and helps a lot. But also I want to say big thanks to the company because they have soled my problem so quick and professional, I only could imagine! I will strongly recommend the website to my friends and will stay with them for sure. Thank you!

A lifesaver

Our dog has severe inflammatory bowel disease & this (z/d) is the only food that he can tolerate. It was recommended by our vet, after several other foods proved to be indigestible, & we are thrilled by the results. Our dog's symptoms have reduced & he has even regained some of his lost weight.

Keeps my schnauzer well

Has been good for keeping pancreatitis at bay. I add water On vets advice as she also has bladder stones and needs to keep fluid intake up.
02/24/16 | originally published in zooplus.de


Our dog was absolutely not overweight, if anything he's slim, but he had terrible fat metabolism bloodwork. After using this food for 4 weeks (exclusively!), his fat metabolism scores are now at normal levels and the best thing is that he really LOVES this food! We also had great advice from the manufacturer's customer care team, which is a pretty rare thing these days. I'd always ask the vet first though!!!
11/24/15 | Nicola Monks

Life Saver

This food literally saved my cocker spaniels life after a bout of Pancreatitis. Zooplus is the cheapest I have found it too. Nice crumbly texture with no fat or fluid. She loves it

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