27/01/18 | Rachael
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my dog was very near being put to sleep after months of loose stools and loss of appetite put her on this food and totally transformed she has put a lot of weight back on and her coat is glossy would highly recommend this well worth the extra money
29/05/17 | Jax Rice
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Weight loss

My greedy pug has weight problems, and constantly hungry. Since starting on Hills R/d his weight is coming down steadily which makes my vet and me happy, plus my pug isn't constantly looking for food.
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A lifesaver

Our dog has severe inflammatory bowel disease & this (z/d) is the only food that he can tolerate. It was recommended by our vet, after several other foods proved to be indigestible, & we are thrilled by the results. Our dog's symptoms have reduced & he has even regained some of his lost weight.
26/05/16 | originally published in zooplus.it
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I started using this product because my dog called Laica had a disease. I contacted my veterinary clinic and they said before using strong medication we decided to use this food, which solved the problem. I think that the key to a healthy coexistence of with animals, whether dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, tigers, lions etc is knowledge.