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Great Value for Size

I ordered this bed and it arrived a week later. I wanted a bed that was extra large as my dog is a Rottweiler/Husky cross and quite big at 9 months. It's nice and thick. It does sink a bit when dog lies on it but she is still cushioned from the ground. She has no problem sleeping in it. I like that the cover is removable so can be washed. It's a great bed at the price. The only quibble I have is that because of the material it is noisy when she moves around in it but I can put a blanket over it. It's hard to get large beds at such a great price. There isn't great choice in local shops. I had bought an emergency bed in a local shop that cost me 32€ and was half the size, not waterproof and cushion was terrible. So in comparison this bed is well worth the extra 10€. I would recommend this bed!