19/01/19 | Silvana
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Super comfy

I think I'm going to get one for myself :). My dogs are young and don't have joint problems but still, I want them to be comfy. All memory foam mattresses are amazing - this one is very light, easy to move around and has a lovely color.
03/02/16 | Olga Levis
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Orthopaedic Dog mattress

My rottie pup has just been diagnosed with joint problems, and i looked everywhere online for an orthopaedic mattress for her. All the ones i found were frightfully expensive, so when i saw this, it seemed unbeatable value for money. It certainly is PERFECT in every way, easy to clean, comfortable, and very economical.
28/02/15 | Sarah & Bernard
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Leather Dog Mattress

The mattress is the perfect size for my male Dobermann. He loves it as it's comfy and warm, and I love it because it is easy to keep clean and fits in with the living room furniture. I am really pleased with the quality of the mattress and it arrived promptly.
22/09/10 | Angela & Tyra
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smooth mattress

I've had this mattress for about a year and I'm really happy. Before that I had a fake leather basket with polyester filled cushion and that was destroyed in less time. Then I put this mattress inside the basket. My dog seems really happy, its really comfy and firm so that my dog doesn't sink into it too much. Its also v hygienic and hard-wearing!