21/02/22 | Anthony
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Our Lab loves it

Have it a year and half, it's perfect for him. Easy to Vacuum the hair off it before machine washing. You do need a large drum washing machine (which we have). I wash it every 1-2 weeks and still in great condition. Dogs arent meant to lie on too soft, cushioned surfaces as it is bad for their posture and their joints, and this is perfect.
03/08/18 | Rogers Family
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Cracking Bed!!!

Its hard to find a good bed for our large breed dogs this is perfect! We have had it for a couple of months now and it has lasted well - the sides zip open so you can have them as cushions or flat which our dogs prefer. The only downside is that the bed does slide around but we have put it on a rug and that has stopped it somewhat. Highly recommend this bed.
04/07/17 | Juliet
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Great outdoor bed

I bought this bed to take camping with us for our 5 terriers. It is absolutely brilliant, lovely and thick, its dual sided material gives the option of both snugness with the fleecy side, and coolness on the shiny side. The sides unzip so its flat to pack on top of the trailer and zip back up if they need a bit more snugness. Its a very big bed but well worth the money. Highly recommend this one
23/05/17 | June James
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best bed ever bought

I bought this for my 2 dogs a cocker spaniel and an elderly springer. They both love it and they look so comfortable .The sides act as cushions for them & ample space for them both and easy to keep clean. Highly recommend
02/03/17 | Latisha
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I have been looking for a very long time for a bed that is very big, affordable and good quality and I think I've found it. When I ordered it, I was very suspicious about it because it looked to good to be true and it was cheap. But my pitbull have used this bed for 2 days now and he loves it! I recommend this to any dog owner and I will be buying 2 more of these beds from zooplus.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Outdoor dog bed 2-in-1

I bought one and found that they were so good and ended up with 3 more scattered around the house and in the car. I have a dog business so have many dogs staying at one time and they all love this bed. It is lovely that you can use the bed for indoors and outside just by turning it around. I have one in the car to keep them warm after a wet and dirty walk.
24/07/15 | Daisy
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Excellent design and practical too

Bought this for my Samoyed and it is a lovely size and she loves sleeping on it at night. The bed can be vacuum easily and it will fit into the washing machine.
10/06/15 | Kat
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Looks very good,It`s really good that sides zipper down and can be used as a cushion. Now is awaiting for my weimaraner pup.
29/10/14 | Frances
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Brilliant Bed

i bought this bed for my dog Billy (springer spaniel) in 2012 and it's one of the best dog beds i've ever bought; Billy loves it, it is a little on the large size for him but it does mean he can spread out. It washes very well, keeps its shape etc and dry's quickly, i also hoover it. We love it so much i'm buying my second one for taking on holiday's. i think it's a functional, funky dog bed at a real bargain price and would definitely recommend it. the first one was delivered within days of ordering which was good.
10/06/14 | Melanie
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zeus loves it.

Easy to wipe clean and massive. Zeus my labrador hides about 12 toys in it and still had space to stretch out. There is still plenty of room spare for visiting kids to shuffle in there with him too for cuddles.
10/10/13 | Adam
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excellent bed

I purchased this bed for my lab x alsation. She loves it and so far it survived her every attempts at destroying it. Great product.
26/05/12 | Grizzly & Charcoal
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one of the best buy

This bed is price for value, got it from 25 pounds. Love the idea that you can unzip and open a little bit for a slightly bigger mat. Love the colours contrast. Light weight, comfort bed. we- huskies love to sleeping on. Only thing that don't really like is can't take off the cover and put in washing machine. Therefore it is impractical for accident. Wooh~ Love the new bed!
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Best bed ever

I have bought many dog (and cat) beds over the years and never been fully happy with how comfy my dog would look in it and she would never settle 100%. Well buying this bed was the best thing I have bought in a very long time and will be buying a spare to keep in the loft for when this one wears out. It washes really well and can highly recommend this (and the cats agree)
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Great beds

I have two of these and they are brilliant - really comfy for dogs, attractive looking (love the colours as they match my kitchen tiles!), and easy to wash. However, I am REALLY disappointed that you have stopped doing the medium size. I would now like to replace one of them and the large one is too big for my kitchen space, even though my two dogs probably would sleep together happily. Please reconsider!
20/09/10 | Andrea
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oasis of calm

My dog loves her new bed. She left her pack to snuggle up there. Great material makes it hair-removal easy (you only have to wipe down the fleece). Only problem is the size. M is almost too small for my small munsterlander and one side should be taller to rest her head on. L is a bit too big. (Zooplus let me swap my bed for another without any issues. Otherwise, its a good product. My dog says thank you ;-)
24/11/09 | Mindy
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I think it's really good that the sides zipper down and can be used as a cushion. Easier to clean as well.