10/02/19 | Iarina

Too small

This harness is really comfortable and great but you might want to size up. I have a beagle and I ordered the second largest one and it is kinda small. I measured him and i should've bought the biggest one. So this is a great harness but it runs small
11/29/15 | Annie&Co

An excellent harness, but...

Be very aware of the sizing, measure your dog carefully before buying! These are designed for smaller dogs, so XL isn't going to fit your 35kg labrador! My small (14kg) staffy requires the size L. Having said that, the harness is fantastic, and I only wish they did larger sizes so I could buy one for my other dog. Mine been in regular, rough use for 6 months and has needed the edging sewed back on, and looks a bit worn now, but is still going strong. I will happily buy another due to price.
09/05/14 | linsey

Excellent harness but doesn't last long

This harness was purchased for a 7 month old Vizsla.It fits really well and is great for when he is pulling.He has recently worked out that if he pulls back the harness comes off over his head giving him the freedom he loves. However on the negative - The stitching has unravelled after only 1 months use and one of the metal rings came off and was lost and the velcro has nearly come off too so although I like the harness the actual quality isnt too good. I will buy another one soon but wouldnt pay too much for them as you will need to keep renewing

Good soft harness but small fit !!!

Easy and quick to put on my dog (a 5 months old staffy bitch) and has a soft feel which hopefully won't rub. However i got the size Large thinking it would be quite sufficient for a young female staffy and it fits her snugly. So in a few weeks i'll have to get the XL size. My dog isn't particularly big she is average for her breed.

Good, but...

Comfy, lightweight and breathable. We get the small for our slim (ish) pug. She is bordering on a medium. We have had to buy about 6 of these over the past year, as the Velcro wears quickly and soon becomes near on useless (2 walks a day). If the Velcro could be improved, this would get 5 stars. A Hi-viz bright yellow or orange one would be great, as a black harness on a black dog makes it difficult to see in the woods, especially at this time of year.
04/11/13 | Janet (11/04/2013)

comfy. BUT!

I got this for my little JR which he like's as it do'es not pull or chaff him. I have tryed it both way's & one way is to tight around his chest the other which could be dangerous, is he pull's out of it very easy. This harness was meant for dog's that pull. Mine tend's to dig his paw's in, or drag behind.
04/11/13 | Janet

comfy. BUT!

My little JR love's this harness as it do'es not pull or chaff him. I have tryed it on both way's, one is to tight around his chest the other, which could be dangerous is he pull's out of it with ease. This harness is made for dog's who pull only. Mine tend's to dig his paw's in if he has a mind & tend's to drag a lot.
03/10/13 | John Souster


I bought a medium size for a medium sized breed, that in the dimensions, should have fitted. Upon arrival, the harness was slightly too tight! Purchased a one-up size (large) which fits perfectly. A great all-round harness, however, I find the harness worn backwards seems to fit more comfortably, (front lapels on the underside) allowing for a better fit/more comfort. I will continue to use this harness, however may not be suitable for show dogs, due to it's hair flattening effect!

Careful with sizes

Got this for my small dog, and thought it was great but after a month or so, while out walking, my dog stopped to sniff something and i gently pulled on the lead and the harness came right off!!!! I measured my dog and got the one which I thought was the right size (L) but maybe should have got a size smaller, afraid to use it now! So just double check the size!! :D

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