05/11/20 | Anita G
: 5/5

Great value and quality

I love this harness and it's a lot easier to put on than my previous one. The material is soft, but strong. The only thing I'm disappointed with is the size is a tad small for my boy, so when the harness is clipped, it's a big tight. I ordered Medium size for my 5 month old Cockapoo, so will order Large next time.
01/09/18 | robert day
: 5/5


purchased this item for my shih Tzu, being a small dog I bought a small one, this however was too small for the Velcro to meet and attach itself, phoned zooplus to return items and was told id be refunded and to donate them to charity/ other dog owner. what a wonderful gesture, hooray for zoo plus 10 out 10. r w day
15/05/17 | Nicola Donnellan
: 5/5

Great Harness for French bulldogs

I have had 3 of these harnesses since my 5 yr old Frenchie was a pup. They are light weight, comfortable and help ensure the dog doesnt over heat - this is very important in a breed that can die from over heating! The dogs love them and get very excited every time we take them out as it means walkies. :)
04/04/17 | Trish
: 5/5

Despite the negative comments... I love this!

Perhaps this is a better harness for a small dog. As I can imagine.. Maybe it's too soft for a big dog. I love this so much... I have backups for when they've had too much wear. Saying that... I got a good 2 years out of the previous one! As I've now taken on the brother of my Min Pin.... I wanted to get a matching one for him. They look adorable.. But seem to be comfy and fit the min pin shape.... I also have a Papillon... And it works for him too. The big chest and little waist.....
: 5/5

Great for my small active dog

Easy to fit and comfortable for my small poodle cross. Great value for money. Lots of people have stopped us to admire this harness and say how good it is compared to normal harness. The Velcro is starting to lose it's stick after 4 months use several times a day. We also use it as a car harness.
: 5/5

Great quality

I ordered a Large for my 4 month old Labrador puppy but I've had to get the Xl now as it's getting a bit tight. Great quality, everyone comments on it an he doesn't pull. Nice an padded so I'm sure its comfortable. Would recommend!
20/03/14 | Liz
: 5/5

Excellent Quality, Price and Fit

I bought an XS harness for my new mini schnauzer puppy who is almost 9 weeks old. It fits perfectly (and provided entertainment this morning watching him act like a bucking bronco when he first tried it on!). It is a good quality and well made item, which fits him perfect at the moment. I will certainly be buying the next few sizes up (in time), as he grows up. Much better than other more expensive harnesses I have bought previously (for other dogs).
: 5/5

Fantastic quality and value

I ordered a S size for my friend's dachshund and an XS for my little girl. We were a bit sceptical about what would arrive given how cheap these are compared to similar 'posh' branded harnesses. We needn't have worried - they're amazingly well made, so easy to put on and fit our two girls perfectly, despite dachsies being an odd shape. We both had tried, and been very disappointed with, very expensive branded harnesses, which neither of our dogs liked, especially when they had to be put on and off over their heads and ears. Not so this harness - it goes on in seconds, easily and without struggling, is soft, and has nothing sharp or scratchy in contact with the dog. If I had one very small criticism, it's that the two top straps 'flap about and clatter' when the dog is off the lead, but they don't seem to mind this and it can't hurt them. I may get a small carabiner clip to hold the straps together when my girl is off the lead as she's so tiny the straps are proportionally quite large, but I would still recommend this product without reservation. In fact, I was so impressed, I'm ordering another for my Scottie cross!
13/01/14 | Roy Anderton-Tyers
: 5/5


Easily the best harness available; step in, easy top fastening with velcro tab and snap together clips, easy clean... So much better than side or underneath fastenings. Snap together clips are a bit strong but a bit of judicious thinning with a sharp knife adjusted that - but the Velcro, plus the two D rings held by the lead clip, mean that you could even manage without the clip if it broke! Plus it does not cause our LLasa and Llasapoo fur matting like the ribbon harnesses did. Brilliant! (Great price too!!)
27/09/13 | Diane Schafer
: 5/5

My fussy princess likes it!

I have a Lhasa Apso who loves running like the wind, for short periods. At first she was suspicious of it but once out walking she was fine with it on. 2nd time I used it I put it on the wrong way round but didn't notice until saw that the neck was very loose but under the chest part seemed tight. Didn't bother her at all and think she prefers it that way. Very easy to get on and off causing no distress to my fussy princess (|Temple Dog)
: 5/5

highly recommended for puppies

I am now awaiting my third size (medium)to fit my growing miniature poodle puppy who is now 5 months old. This has to be the best value harness to take the stress out of putting one on and it is really secure and comfortable when on. He hates the velcro being pulled open when it is taken off but, so what? I shall use this harness to secure him in the car too.
31/01/13 | Kathleen Wilson
: 5/5

Perfect fit

Bought one for each of our three Yorkies, they fit perfectly, are very secure and look so comfortable, the dogs are very happy wearing them. Highly recommended.
27/01/13 | Sheryl Jeans
: 5/5


I bought these harnesses for my three Yorkies. They do fit really well and my princesses look lovely wearing their harnesses, collars and leads all to match
03/01/13 | Dog lover
: 5/5


Bought two of these for my Yorkies, best harness ever. Fits really well and great value for money. I Would recommend it to anyone.
12/11/12 | Sharon
: 5/5

excellent design

This little harness is just great, goes on around the body rather than over the head which is great for my timid little bichon. Unbelievable value at under 6 euro and lovely and soft. Of course the usual fantastic customer service from the team at Zooplus!
10/11/12 | Sian Lewis
: 5/5

Perfect harness

I bought this harness for my Boston Terrier who has a large chest. He was having troubles with buckles and strap on his other harness rubbing under his front legs but this is perfect as it is soft and a bit stretchy and not too tight under the arms. Would recommend this product and the delivery service was quick to! A***
: 5/5


Just arrived today and I am thrilled! Great quality and value. I bought the XS for my 2.8kg Chi and it fits nicely. As she is so used to putting on a nylon harness on head first, I had to do a bit of coaxing as she struggled (was horrified) with the idea of stepping into the harness. Once we got past getting it on, she seemed so comfortable that I can't see myself having any problems next time :-) I was going to keep her old nylon harness as a spare but that is now going in the bin! I can't see this harness ever tearing or wearing out, but I may buy a second in case I lose it. It would be great if zooplus made more colour options as I would be very tempted to pick up a few...
15/09/12 | Judith Rydings
: 5/5

I tried to leave a review ...

... But it wasn't published! I just want to say once more how brilliant this harness is. My 7 month old Jack Russell really appreciates the clever design, which means he doesn't get stressed when I put it on him. It is light, but very strong. So glad I discovered it at Zooplus.
14/09/12 | melody farrell
: 5/5

top quality

I have just got my young pug Taffy his new soft harness, i am really pleased on the quality of this product, and the comfort it brings to taffy, i would be happy to recommend this to anyone
12/09/12 | Judith
: 5/5

At last - the harness I've been waiting for!

I love this soft, comfortable harness! More importantly, so does my little 7 month-old Pippin, a long-haired Jack Russell terrier. The harness is so easy to put on without stressing him, and despite its softness and lightness it is really strong, with excellent fastenings which are so easy to do up and take off. No more stressful straps, and Pippin seems to feel more secure now. Thank you for a great product.