09/10/17 | SL
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Good lead for big dogs

Really good quality and length. Feels soft and strong. Ordered for my medium sized pitbull (20 kg). Only disadvantage is that lower clip feels a bit heavy for medium sized dog.
13/02/16 | Lea
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The best lead!!

I'm really happy to have found such a good quality lead for an amazing price-this is so rare nowadays... Great German product!
02/09/15 | Dorothy Denton
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Heim Riveted Dog Lead. 240 cms.

I only received this lead yesterday so have only used it once but I am absolutely amazed at the quality of the leather, not just for the bargain price, but for any price. It is so soft and supple and a real pleasure to handle. I very much dislike the feel of handling a 'flexi' lead so this is the perfect answer for me. Gives my Brittany room to sniff without all that reeling in and jerking when the flexi is fully extended. Brilliant.
05/07/15 | Gail
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Excellent Lead at an Amazing Price

A really strong, very versatile lead. Excellent value for money.
20/08/14 | debra vickers
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brilliant dog lead

This is my third time ordering this lead in 8 yrs. may sound like a lot of leads gone through, but its not. each one of the previous leads lasted about 4 yrs (each). this is my 3rd time ordering this same lead. it is a brilliant lead. unfortunately the only thing that goes on them are the rivets holding the leather together. so, this time i ordered 2 as i worry that the item may discontinue, as so often happens when you find something you really are happy with. would highly recommend this lead for any dog.
27/12/12 | Barry McNeill
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Amazing adjustible lead

Seriously high quality Police-style, adjustible dog lead. It is made of beautifully soft, oiled leather and has a snap hook on both ends. In addition there are 2 metal rings PLUS one O-ring stitched at various positions down the lead making it possible to use at 3 different lengths. Really useful for a strong or flighty dog is to clip one end to the O ring and loop over the shoulder so that even if they jerk the lead out of your grasp they are still attached and cannot take off. If your dog likes to chew on their lead just take a strong choke chain (but not to use as a collar) simply attach one end of the chain to the lead and the other to the collar (double clip using small Karrabinas for extra peace of mind)....This is a fantastic product, all rivets/clips are heavy-duty stainless steel,look very well manufactured & the lead is less than half the price of other similar items!!!!
22/02/12 | catherine tuinfort
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5 star all the way.1st class quality .never need another lead.collar bit on the thin side but fantastic for pup small dog./
01/01/12 | originally published in zooplus.de
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I'm very satisfied. I've been using the lead for a few weeks now with my 30kg dog. It's robust and trendy at the same time. And the price is unbeatable - I'd definitely recommend it!
23/04/11 | originally published in zooplus.de
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highly recommended

We've had this lead for 3 years now... the carabiner clip has only just come loose! We'll definitely be buying again!!!