16/06/18 | Vicky
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Retriever slip lead

Using it as a figure-of-eight over neck and nose as a gentle but effective control for my 30Kg puppy. Makes walking a pleasure, not a challenge.
07/09/16 | Adrian
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Utterly awesome, especially for a larger dog

We have a 37kg German Shepherd "puppy" and had been using a traditional Ancol slip lead - which works well enough - in comparison this Hunter lead is in a different league, both in construction and use. The Hunter rope is soft and smooth, the fittings & stitching very nice - a thing of beauty. The adaptabilty really sets it apart too. Set as a long single line any pulling is gone as pup can wander ahead a bit, but it's easy to double up to his leather collar for extra security around cows etc
30/03/16 | Dee
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nice long slip lead

I purchased this for my lurcher who was on lead walks only due to shoulder injury. It gave him slightly more freedom that a normal slip lead so he didn't feel he was on the lead for being naughty! I have also recently used it for another dog in rescue kennels where I work and it was good for him as he has issues with traffic. It is a comfortable lead to hold and you dont get friction burns like you can with some rope type slip leads. I also plan on getting the shorter hunter slip lead.
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Highly versatile

Top quality, very nice in the hand and extremely versatile. We have a young and rambunctious retriever/Newfoundland mix. This leash gives me perfect control - if I use it with a collar I can also slip the other end around his head to double the leash when I need extra control. The collar end can also be worn around the waist for use as a hands-free jogging leash. Really, really pleased with this line.
06/04/08 | keiran smith
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very good

i think this leash and collar set is exellent and should be in all the pet shops on the street i am definetly going to buy one because you can uae it for everything for training or for just every day use and the price is very good