18/04/18 | Catherine Connolly
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brillant zoom groom

My dog is loving this massage brush. Falls asleep while i am grooming so it must be very relaxing.
12/03/18 | Alison Byard
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Would recommend

I use this on my five girls and it is great for getting loose hair off. They also love being brushed with this. It helps to make their coat shinny.
22/09/17 | Ali
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Great brush

Our gsd actually tolerates this brush more for me to use this on her. It's great as I can get so much off her and it doesn't seem to bother her as much as the other brushes I have tried.
21/03/17 | Sylvia
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Really good brush

Amazing amount of hair removed when I can get the 62kg mastiff puppy to stand still long enough to use it! Tried a couple of others but this one is by far the easiest and he appears to quite like it when not trying to grab it.
22/04/16 | Sam
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The best!!

I purchased this brush after having read the positive reviews and can honestly say that i was not disappointed. This is the best brush that I have ever used and I have used many! I've used this brush on my mastiff for a couple of days and already I have noticed a considerable improvement in the amount of hair that I usually find on the floor. I would definitely recommend and will be purchasing another one!
21/04/16 | Sam
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I ordered this brush after having read the reviews and I wasn't disappointed. I can honestly say that this is by far the best brush that I have ever used!! I will definately buy another one. It does exactly what is says on the packaging, I'm very happy with my purchase and would definately recommend this brush to all pet owners!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Great Brush

I bought this for my Rottweiler/Husky who is currently shedding for the first time. It is simply amazing. As someone else already said, it gets right into the undercoat. It really removes loads of hair quickly and easily. I would recommend that you would use this outside because while the brush collects the hair some of it floats through the air and lands everywhere (which my dog loves to catch!) It is simple to clean the brush too. The hair lifts straight off. I'm delighted.
30/06/15 | Dawn Baddeley
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Wasted money on other grooming kits, wish I'd known about this first. I've got a 14 month old English Bull Terrier and this gets right into the undercoat. Made up with it and so is he.
26/06/15 | Dawn Baddeley
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At last. After wasting money on other grooming brushes, combs etc. I've come across this. I've got a 14 month old English Bull Terrier. I've never been able to get to his undercoat. Though it's found its way all over the furniture, floor and clothing. This really gets to all the coat and the amount of fur that comes off is surprising. Seriously. This is all you need.
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A Dalmatian owners best friend!!

This brush works wonders on my two dallies. It takes off loads of the loose hairs before they end up ALL over the house and brings a lovely shine up on their coats. To make it even better, they love it too! Highly recommended :-)
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Best dog brush I've used!

The brush quickly removes huge amounts of fur, & all the dogs I've used it on love it (as does the cat!). They would stay and be brushed endlessly if I was willing. It also makes their coats look very glossy.
01/10/12 | Em
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Nice gentle brush/massager

My lab loves being groomed with her Kong brush :)