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Best ever ear cleaning solution.

One of my dogs has ear and skin problem. I have used many ear cleaners to soften wax, yet they have never really worked. Also they have made the skin on ear a little sore. I bought Otifree for my other dogs and was reluctant to use it on my dog with problem ears, but.I gave Otifree a try, I am so glad I did!!! Using it weekly at first started to soften wax and then using alternate days brought more out and softer so easily wiped away plus no sore skin. I have purchased more as its brilliant
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Be buy for my Scottie's ears

This item initially supplied by our French vets, just need a couple of dropps in each ear, I do weekly, as dogs always has a build up in one ear. Best item I have ever use. Noticed UK vet now supplied ear treatment manufactured by the same company which again worked wonders.
19/11/18 | Lisa
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Keeps ear wax at bay

One of my dogs suffers with excess ear and hair build up. This product used regularly works really... previous review says there are no english instructions, just google.