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I ordered a furminator for my own dog back in April. I loaned the brush to two of my friends so they could try it on there dogs. They loved it so much that I had to order two more. We are all extremely happy with our furminators. Works a treat.
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Great for hair removal

I have a german shepherd/akita cross and she had a very thick undercoat which was taking ages to remove with standard brushes. this brush was a game changer. didn't hurt her at all and removed the hair with ease. I couldn't believe what came out, she looks like a new dog!
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Is amazing!

We'd resigned ourselves to a new life where everything is constantly covered in dog hair, but no more! After an hour grooming last night, there was a football sized fur ball in our bin and doggy looked so sleek and glossy! When he lay down on our black bed sheets, not a ginger hair was to be seen afterwards!
12/02/17 | devilmaz
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Very effective tool to remove hair to your dog. I wasted all old brushes after got this one!
23/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Hairy relacation

Since a few days ago I am using the FURminator for my shepherd.After 20min I already managed to get quite an impressive mountain of hair. The combing was quite easy and even though my dog can't usually stand still for more than 20 min, he managed to do it this time. I am absolutely stunned and can recommend the FURminator to everyone with hairy problems.
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Less cleaning required now

I hesitated a little before starting to use this product, but it is a real blessing with my Australian Shepherd! The brush is excellent and removes loads of hair and dead skin. It makes the skin and fur much more soft.
15/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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I was always worried about brushing my Labrador, but ever since I got the FURminator brush everything changed. I don't need to worry about brushing anymore and, most importantly, it doesn't hurt my dog anymore.
29/05/12 | Jana
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incredible performance

The price worried me a little at first. But the FURminator is worth every penny. I have no idea how one little cat manages to produce enough fur to knot an entire rug. Our cat looks decidedly thinner now. Great! I'm 1000% impressed with this product.