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Good so far

It does work great with my dachshund, haven't tried with the big ones yet. I did have to install it upside down so it wouldn't be in the way for pedals (works really good that way tho) and I had to use 2 rubber mats instead of 1, that it came with,so it wouldn't move on the frame- first was between frame and the plastic thing and second one was between the plastic and the attachment. But still don't forget that your dog must know how to run beside a bicycle to a some degree before!
25/10/16 | Ciara
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Get the Trixie one instead

I bought this to donate to the animal rescue I volunteer for. I previously bought the Trixie Biker Set De Luxe for myself but thought this version might be superior due to the increased cost. Bad decision - came with Ikea like instructions, the lead attachment is flimsy and the bar gets in the way while you pedal. Save yourself €10 and get the Trixie version - MUCH BETTER! Very disappointed in this purchase. Would have tried to return it if I hadn't already donated it.
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Great fun.

I used one of these for years on bridleways and forest tracks with my Springer Spaniel. It is brilliant but I would say it should always be used with a harness, not a collar; you should be aware of setting a sensible speed for your dog (i.e. his normal "loping" stride) and make sure you stop for water and toileting; it is not safe to use where there is traffic.
13/07/14 | Jayne
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I have a huge bull mastiff he loves it took him a few goes to get used to the bike I got him a harness to attach him he now goes everywhere with me I would highly recommend this to anyone
11/06/13 | Sally
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Best Accessory Ever

I have a small patterdale terrier whom no matter how much you walk her is never satisfied! This bike attachment is fantastic, it allows us to run her without the worry of her going under the wheels. We did have to change the lead attachment as the one supplied did not reach far enough. If you're looking for a way to have fun with your dog whilst exercising them fully then this is the product for you.
19/04/13 | Derek T
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This is a great idea and to a degree it works. I have a new hybrid cycle and attached the unit as directed and in the instructions it warns it may be in the way of your feet. Well it does get in the way so you have to cycle using your arch and not the ball of your foot.This is a very poor design and could so easily be sorted by the manufacturer. I only have size 9 shoes so not really large. The lead is adequate but could do with being slightly longer.
27/08/12 | Mags
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best thing ever!!!!!

We have 2 dogs, a German Shorthaired pointer and a Beagle. I took the dogs out 1 at a time initially and they learnt what to do extremely quickly so I ventured out with both of them. I was trundling along happily but became worried when I saw a pigeon asleep in the middle of the road, my GSP likes to point and stalk birds, I thought this was going to end in an ugly mess. Otto, true to form, leapt up after the bird and the spring just pulled him back in with barely a wobble! I can cycle at a steady pace on the road and they run on the pavement, it works a treat and am more than pleased with the purchase.
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Cycling with Beardies

We knew the bracket on this was too long to fit my mountain bike before we ordered, but husband cut bracket down to fit and it does the job perfectly. I bought this for my 4 y.o. very obedient Beardie and he loves it. I then decided to try it with our nutty 18month old Beardie and have no problems with him either. Definitely recommend this Cycle Mount - Beardies are so mad always seemed to cut feet/ pull muscles chasing ball, now dogs get their need to run satisfied safely.
23/05/12 | ellen
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What a great product. I was very sceptical at first that I would be pulled off by my 1 year old energetic dalmatian, but not a chance. This absorbs almost all of the pulling no matter how hard he tugs. We use it for taking him on the road or by livestock when we are out off road cycling. Fab product, but always take an adjustable spanner out with you as the dog can work it loose and get it caught near your feet; if they pull hard enough.
16/05/12 | georgina
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easy riding

just started using this and my dog has adjusted very quickly. my dog did get distracted and the spring worked very well although we were not going at a fast pace. im very glad i purchased this as now my dog is getting allot more exercise than just going for walks.
15/05/12 | heather
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I have also owned 2 of these for about 10 years they are not suitable for all dogs as some of them just find the idea of getting that close to the bike wheels to much.But if they like them they are great as you can let them run.Keep them on a very short lead or they will go under the frount wheel it does NOT stop them pulling but it does give you a secound to respond when they do so you do not end up on the floor.A WORD OF WARNING if your dog is not used to lots of exersize dont sudenly start taking them for great long runs. My springers used to find a mile or two running at there own pace plenty but they loved going out on it.(my present dogs are to old or think it is the most scarey thing ever and dispite seeing there parents use it and being walked with me pushing the bike will not have any of it.)
26/03/12 | Janette
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Dog springer cycle mount

This is a short addition to my earlier coment. People have mentioned that the dog cycle springer can catch their ankles and legs. Solution - simply turn the bar upside down so that the U shape bar becomes an n shape bar. Problem solved no more leg and ankle beating! The switch in possition does not affect its use in any other way. I have been using the springer upside down since 2001.
18/04/11 | Janette
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Dog cycle mount

I have had one of these cycle mounts for many years. I purchased mine in Germany in 2001. The flimsy string and plastic loop can be easily replaced with a short sturdy lead attached using a climbing/ mountaineering type clasp for strong dogs. I run my male labrador beside my bike for hours using this mount. He can hop on and off pavements beside me while I ride the road. The fixings can be used in any country for left or right and hand drive while the cycle uses the main highway. The spring comes in handy if the dog sees a cat and wants to run after it, but you will need to train your dog a little to go around obstacles such as lamp posts otherwise it hurts! You can even mount two dogs, with one dog either side! Finally we have them available in the UK. 5 stars excellent.
27/08/10 | Lily
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complete control

Got this yesterday,great my GSD is on the springer, and my mongrel is attached to GSD,they love going out with bike previously it was with double sided training lead with little control and lots of wobbling, and not being able to use left brake. Now i feel in control, great buy only problem,it is a small bike,and i have to watch my left heel from hitting the springer
08/11/09 | R. Green
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Great, but be aware of these things..........

we bought this for our weimeraner as she needs lots of exercise and it has been a great success. Only a couple of points, she is still able to pull with it - especially if she sees another dog/animal so you need to be aware of that. Also even though we tied the lead cord in a knot she was supposed to be unable to pull open, it did so very quickly. We remedied this by attaching a short lead and this works well. Also worth pointing out is to check your bike before purchasing, as this doesn't fit all modern bikes- you need a good length of upright bar under the saddle to fix it to.
30/03/08 | Nic and Adrian
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Doberman Tested

We have a very energetic young doberman who needs more than 3 half hour walks a day. This allows us to enjoy our sport of choice, mountain biking and taking our beloved pet for a walk at the same time. He loves it! It tires him out like a walk never does. It is really easy to use and we have had no negative experiences with it.
11/07/06 | Michaela
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No more wobbling around

It is brilliant. I'm the owner of an agressive GSD (rescued, I didn't screw him up) and it is difficult to wear him out by foot. Taking the bike and a lead is very wobbly and I've come off the bike more than once. Here is the answer, he has no chance to mess about and if he tries, it doesn't cause a problem. I can only recommend it, however, the bike gets quite wide with the Springer and the dog, so one needs wide-ish tracks to cycle on.