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Best toy ever.

My Greyhounds and Vizla puppy love this ball. The cover came off quite quickly but I tied the bare ball up in an old sock. Then it became even more fun! Endless tug of war!
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Very impressed :-)

I genuinely never write reviews but have been so pleased with this product I felt I ought to. I have two Japanese Akitas who usually have no real interest in chasing balls or toys at all (fetch usually involves me chasing and fetching the ball!). They do like to chew /pull stuff out of toys though so as a result nothing usually lasts very long in our house. Both my dogs (bitch & dog) have gone absolutely mad for this product, both ignoring other noises (including alarms and cockerels!) when playing with the ball. It's had a few outings now and remains in tact. I've been really impressed :-)
14/06/13 | cgarvey
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Great fun, and durable

"Go get your rugby ball" is always greeted with such excitement by our lab. We use if for indoor fun/lunacy/exercise on rainy days. The unpredictable nature of the oval ball means it's great fun, and full of surprises. It's very durable. It's had a few dogs have a few goes at destroying it (trying to nibble around any of the edging/decoration to get a start on it), but survived no problem! It's big, though, so you're not going to throw this straight at a small/medium dog. I cringe when I throw it straight at our lab, but he loves mid-air jumps to catch it (and hasn't broken his jaw yet!). Recommended (for bigger dogs).
07/02/11 | Saxa21
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This is the only toay that lasted more than 30min. All toys we gave to our 8 year old lab are being demolished within minutes or hours. This is the only one that survived. The squicker is extremely noisy!
07/01/11 | fiona woof
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great ball...hours of fun!

have been looking for another rugby ball since coming across one at a dog show...it was a great success first time round! I have a GSP with loads of energy and this keeps him occupied for hours - running back and forth in the garden...have to say it is perfect for him to catch on the run too! (puts my husbands rugby skills into question at times)...absolutely brilliant and now buying 2 more so that they are ready when needed