19/03/17 | Elaine Tidwell
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Siberian Husky proof, amazing!

Both my adult husky and husky puppy have been chewing on this for 2 weeks and no sign of damage so far. That's a fab toy in my book!
02/01/17 | Jenny
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Airedale loves this

We bought this for our dog and, since unwrapping it at Christmas, is the first toy he gets in the morning and the last toy he takes to bed at night. He is an 'unpicker', but has not taken this apart .... yet, only time will tell. Certainly worth the money for the love he has given it s far :))
02/12/14 | Manda
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My dog loves this wubba

He's had various wubba's before and they never last very long as he distroys the animal. Pulling it apart and throwing thr stuffing everywhere. This one is perfect as it has rope for him to knaw on in place of the usual stuffed animal. He plays with it everyday whipping it back and forth and its only just showing signs of wear on the squeeky ball at the end. I would defo recommend it it's well worth the money.