30/04/13 | Alison Duncan
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A firm favourite

These chews get my dog so excited and he will chew them for a long time. He isn't a big fan of chews so it was great to find one that appealed to him.
06/09/12 | Debbie Thomas
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Our 7 year old male long-coat Chihuahua and 11 month old female Shih-Tzu adore these bones. They forget everything else they are doing and spend hours chewing and playing with the bones.They get bored, or finish eating other treats quickly, but 8-in-1 Dental Delights keep their attention, are good for their teeth and for us, save our furniture from being attacked by the naughty Shih-Tzu when we go out! Thank you Zooplus and 8-in-1 Dental Delights!