23/11/18 | Jane
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Cockerpoo loves it

Well what can I say!! My rather fussy cockerpoo loves it! I’ve never seen in her 3yrs eat all her dinner without boiled chicken mixed in. The soft dry kibble she thought were treats & couldn’t get enough of it. The wet food as I said went down a treat. Happy dog & very happy owner. I’m going to review it on my YouTube channel with a massive thumbs up!
17/09/18 | Sarah P
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It’s a winner!!

Our three picky mix breeds have tried Orijen, Canine Choice and other high brand dry dog food & really haven’t enjoyed eating them. With this food, they are straight to their bowls & it’s gone very quickly. Will be buying this brand again in more flavours!
05/09/18 | Valerie Gill
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Our Dogs Love it

Since we put our 2 GSD and 3 French Spaniels on it we have clean dishes and happy dogs. The spaniels in paricular can be fussy eaters and 1 does not get on with food that contains grains. We will defintely buy again
16/07/18 | Sue
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Both dogs licked there bowls clean .. will definitely be trying the other flavours also x
08/07/18 | Adele
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They Love it!

My 4 dogs have been on Wolf of the Wilderness for quite a while now. I thought I’d try the semi-moist version in Beef. My dogs usually eat a little then come back for some more later, with the semi-moist they are eating everything in the bowl in one sitting! They absolutely love it! Happy dogs happy me!
28/06/18 | mary
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Love it

2 fussy dogs but love this, They do like Markus mini but as a change they like the soft pieces.
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Loved by my Giant Schnauzers

I’ve tried several different fried foods, but always one liked it and the other didn’t. With Wild if Wilderness they both love it, especially the Wild Hills variety.
10/05/18 | Sarah
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My fussy English Bull Terrier absolutely loved this. She wasn’t really eating our old dry food any more so looked for a change. If this didn’t work we would be going back to RAW feeding (wich is amazing but expensive) This dry food is fantastic, she comes looking when it’s dinner time and the food isn’t on the floor, the chunky size of the food is great too. We haven’t had and itchy skin flare ups since using it ether, soo all round a fab product. Dry happy.
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Wolf of Wilderness The Taste Of The Mediterranean

Great food, my dog is just thriving on it. We will stick to this range and try all the flavours for a little variety in her diet. Highly recommended.
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Smaller dogs live it too

I have a French bulldog and a pug. My frenchy has a grain intolerance and my pug seems to have a chicken intolerance. I have tried almost all dry dog foods that you can get in the UK and this bay far is the best brand. The whites of their eyes are clear and bright, their ears are healthy and their coat is thicker and shinier (the pug even sheds less). They have fewer stools which are always hard and easy to pick up and most importantly they love it. I tend to buy a variety of each flavour and rotate between them so they don't get sick of it. If you haven't tried this food already I would definitely give it a go.
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Best dog food ever!

I have a bedlington terrier (7) who is extremely fussy with itchy paws and ears, and a whippet x greyhound (4) who will eat anything and is very healthy overall. I've gone through more brands of dog food than I could count with them both, as it had to be a good jasper will try. In comes Wolf of Wilderness! It's like a switch has been flicked! They both scoff their breakfast and tea like I've never seen before (jasper just wouldn't eat some days, he would turn his nose up at all food except human) but now they can't get enough of it! Thank you Zooplus for the excellent deals and economy packs 😁 It means I can get my dogs a high quality food with high meat content and it doesn't cost the earth!