04/02/20 | Ly


My puppy eats it well and ot seems to like her. So good product

03/31/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Large croquettes

We have moved onto this food because the size of the croquettes forces our dog to chew. Her previous food with a different brand used to be gobbled down in no time. Now she takes her time and actually chews the croquettes. She enjoys eating it. From time to time I soften the food in water, which she also enjoys.

02/21/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

****** Stars

The food arrives and my puppy rushes to it with enthusiasm. Also always with pleasure

01/12/15 | Hilda

Dogs love it

I started my dogs as puppies on Bosch Puppy food and now feed them Bosch Junior. All the neighbors comment on how good my dogs look, and how nice their coats are (shiny and smooth). They are very healthy and the doggies love the food.

12/17/14 | Catherine, London


My Golden Retriver dog 5 months love this food, has a very shiny coat and is quite healthy. 6*****

11/18/09 | Jen

Puppy love

Our puppy loves this!

08/03/09 | Kathrina

Highly recommend this food

My 10 month old english setter and 7 month old lab husky cross absolutely love this food. They are healthy, with soft shiny coats and are full of energy. There poo is firm and there's not as much of it as when they were fed with other dog food.